As an Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Iraj Kalkhoran specializes in high speed aerodynamics, aero-propulsion, and wind tunnel design and testing. His current research addresses the computational simulation of shock/vortex dominated flows and experimental and computational studies on novel jet-noise reduction schemes via fluidic injection. Past research activities have included topics such as supersonic shock wave and vortex dominated flows and the dynamics of supersonic vortex breakdown as a result of vortices interacting with shock fronts

Since 2007, Kalkhoran has been actively involved in various educational initiatives including curricula development, implementation of advanced technology in teaching and learning, and data-driven enrollment and retention efforts.

In support of his scientific and educational research, Kalkhoran has received funding from NASA, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the Army Research Office, Northrop-Grumman, and the US Department of Education.

University of Texas at Arlington

Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering

University of Texas at Arlington

Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering

University of Texas at Arlington

Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering

Other Publications

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Research Interests

Gas dynamics High speed flows Supersonic Aerodynamics Wind tunnel testing Shock tubes

High-speed Jet Noise Reduction via Fluidic Injection.