Taiwo Togun ,

  • Industry Professor



Taiwo Togun is an experienced and passionate educator and data scientist. With a Ph.D. in computational biology & bioinformatics from Yale and a master's in technology leadership from Brown, he combines data science, technology, strategy, and leadership as co-founder and executive director of InclusionBridge, Inc. Through InclusionBridge, Taiwo and his team are on a mission to increase diversity in the data science workforce through internships and training programs for underrepresented talent. Dr. Togun is the founder of SeqHub Analytics, LLC, a data science consulting company helping companies drive insights through interdisciplinary research, machine learning, and AI. His current projects include microbiome data science to identify biomarkers for early gestational diabetes diagnosis, NLP to automatically summarize key information on relationships between bacteria, nutrition, and health from biomedical articles, and emotional data analytics to inform customer sentiments and preferences through media-embedded emojis. Dr. Togun is also a Visiting Scientist at the Boykin AI Fairness Perception Lab at Brown University, where his current research aims to elucidate fairness in ML algorithms. He teaches the Applied Machine Learning in Bioinformatics course at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Bioinformatics Masters program.