Roger Eisenhardt

  • Adjunct Faculty

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Long Island University1975

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science

Long Island University1977

Master of Arts, Political Science

Polytechnic University1997

Master of Science, Organizational Behavior

Professor Eisenhardt has had an extensive career in the field of management and education.  He has been a member of the adjunct faculty at NYU/Tandon (formerly Polytechnic University) since September, 2009, and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management.  Prior to joining NYU/Tandon, Professor Eisenhardt taught various management and business administration courses at Berkeley College and Long Island University's CW Post Center. 

Professor Eisenhardt's most recent non-academic experience was as the Deputy Director of Human Resources for the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney's Office.  The Kings County DA's Office, one of the largest in the United States, is responsible for investigating and prosecuting all criminal activity committed in the borough of Brooklyn that  does not fall under the immediate jurisdiction of the United States Government.

In his capacity as Deputy Director of HR, Professor Eisenhardt's responsibilities included the following:

Talent acquisition for all all non-attorney professionals. This included paralegals, detective investigators, information technology professionals, social workers and victims assistance counselors, and various managerial, administrative and technical personnel.  This entailed sourcing potential talent by partnering with national and local universities and colleges and various professional and vocational training organizations.  As Deputy Director of HR, Professor Eisenhardt also supervised a team of HR Associates who were responsible for conducting interviews and assessments of applicants. 

Performance Management for all non-attorney professionals.  This entailed partnering with departmental managers and supervisors and conducting workforce needs assessments, job analyses and specifications, and creating standards of performance.  Professor Eisenhardt was also responsible for the design of various performance appraisal instruments and for training other executives, managers and supervisors in the performance management process.  

Compensation and Reward Systems.  Focusing on all non-attorney employees, Professor Eisenhardt was responsible for conducting external and internal pay-equity analyses to ensure that his organization conformed to all collective bargaining and governmental policies and practices.  He also designed several career development/salary enhancement programs which recognized excellent individual and team performance resulting in the retention of highly skilled and marketable professionals.

Managerial and Supervisory Training.  Professor Eisenhardt designed and administered various training modules for attorneys and non-attorneys promoted into managerial and supervisory positions.  Professor Eisenhardt and his staff conducted training needs-assessments and developed appropriate training curriculum.  Professor Eisenhardt also administered various personality assessments to new managers and supervisors and provided guidance and coaching for test subjects' leadership strengths and weaknesses.  Professor Eisenhardt also trained and coached leaders and supervisors on affective team building, communication and creating and sustaining a culture which valued diversity, inclusiveness, cooperation and excellence.

Employee Relations.  Professor Eisenhardt provided counseling and advisement to employees seeking advice on issues relating directly and indirectly to the performance of their duties.  Such issues included on-compliance with organizational policies and procedures, career and job counseling, balancing work and life responsibilities, and job stress.


Professor Eisenhardt is also a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society of Human Resource Management.