Nikolaos Karathanasopoulos

  • Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



Professor Nikolaos Karathanasopoulos is leading the Applied Computational Engineering Lab (ACE) of the New York University in the campus of Abu Dhabi. His research interests include the development and modeling of advanced materials and structures for mechanical, aerospace and bioengineering applications. Ongoing research projects target the development of advanced lightweight composite materials and structures with extraordinary  static and dynamic performance attributes, as well as unique functional behaviors. The group combines experimental, numerical analysis and artificial intelligence techniques in ist core research activities. On the experimental side, novel hybrid manufacturing processes for architected sustainable structures are developed.  Experiments are accompanied by extensive physics-based models and artificial intelligence techniques to simulate the observed phenomena and guide process and mechanical analysis and design parts.

Professor Karathanasopoulos holds a master’s degree in Structural Engineerig, Mechanics and Materials from the University of California (UC) Berkeley and a PhD in computational mechanics from ETH Zürich. He has worked in the modeling and analysis of structures in the private sector in Switzerland, on the dynamics of advanced materials as a CNRS visiting researcher in the University of Lorraine, France, as well as a research associate for privately funded research projects at ETH Zürich. His is a recipient of the Marie Sklodowska Curie award. 

Research Interests
Additive Manufacturing, Experimental Testing, Numerical Modeling, Composite materials and structures, Smart Structures, Machine Learning