Jason Yarmish

  • Adjunct Professor


Jason Yarmish

Dr. Jason Yarmish is an Adjunct Professor of Finance and Risk Engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering since 2013. He teaches courses in C++ (FRE6811), R - Advanced Tools for Data Science (FRE6871), and Financial Data Visualization (FRE7871). In his teaching, Dr. Yarmish conveys skills and ideas which he puts into practice on a daily basis.

Dr. Yarmish is a Data Scientist at a specialty firm, where he designs and actuates streamlined analytics software with embedded models, data visualizations, and new innovations involving mathematics, programming, function, and design. His innovations, along with a team of talented analysts and engineers, enable the gleaning of insight from complex data through interactive algorithms, computation, statistics, and visual analysis.

His industrial experience includes scientific analyses of such varied data sources as maps, dating profiles, ticket sales markets, electricity meters, IoT devices, and high-frequency markets; as well as experience through the entire spectrum of the Data Science workflow, from business ideas to conceptualized deliverables including data-software solutions. The latter include personal and team management work in data collection; data flow; prototyping; documentation; backend-frontend interactivity; visual design; analytics; modeling; and coding. Dr. Yarmish has worked with teams both locally and across the globe.

As a former Tandon student, having earned the Ph.D. from our Mathematics department and an MA from our very own FRE department, he understands the student experience and is dedicated to student understanding and success. His teaching style assures that the material is well understood from the fundamentals through the intricate and complex, instilling concepts to enable their expansion and use throughout a student’s future work.

Ph.D., Mathematics, 2014
New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering
Dissertation: Elliptic Brunn-Minkowski Theory: Generalizations of the Brunn-Minkowski Inequalities

MS, Financial Engineering, 2011
Polytechnic Institute of New York University

MS, Mathematics, 2010
Polytechnic University

BA, Mathematics; Minor: Art, 2007
Pace University, NYC