David Fogarty ,

  • Adjunct Instructor



Research Interests:  Hypothesis testing in business
 Data quality management
 Methodologies for addressing missing data including multiple imputation
 Use of advanced data mining algorithms applied to business data.
 The cultural meaning of data
 Propensity score matching methods for the development of control groups in direct marketing applications
 Marketing analytics and modeling
 Management Science
 Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of transnational organizations
 Strategic use of customer data to drive business decisions
 Measuring the value of data in organizations
 Outsourcing/Centralizing/Offshoring decision sciences activities
 Applying segmentation to marketing applications
 Marketing mix/multi-touch attribution modeling
 Global competing on the basis of analytics
 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
 Cognitive Learning
 Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms
 The origins of probability in the universe
 Decision Sciences