Amine Mohamed Aboussalah

  • Industry Assistant Professor


Amine Aboussalah

Amine Mohamed Aboussalah is defending his Ph.D. dissertation in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research at the University of Toronto in July 2022. He is interested in the development of new artificial intelligence and quantum computing algorithms for real-world applications. His thesis topic is  “Exploiting structure in real-world reinforcement learning problems for financial applications.” The goal is to use the financial application domain as a challenging real-world environment in which to advance reinforcement learning. Professor Aboussalah's thesis research is about improving reinforcement learning algorithms by exploiting topological properties (symmetries) of dynamical systems with time-series data. He is also interested in econophysics problems which involve using quantum field theory and quantum computing to study financial networks and systemic risk. He enjoys applying theoretical mathematical concepts such as information geometry to develop new decision-making algorithms for a variety of practical real-world applications.