Deluge Data, Data Deluge

Lecture / Panel
Open to the Public

Logo for the Delgue Data Data Deluge Symposium which has the text over a photo of a canal in Brooklyn.

The FloodNet Consortium is pleased to host Deluge Data, Data Deluge, an online talk series and in-person symposium that brings critical perspectives from the humanities and arts into dialogue with engineering and data practitioners engaged in flood sensing. The online talks will be held over three weeks, culminating in an in-person day-long symposium held at New York University’s Brooklyn campus in fall of 2022.

Climate change in New York City means a future of flooding. With sea level rise and increasingly intense rainstorms, flooding is expected to have an outsized influence on public health, infrastructure, and mobility in urban areas. One response to this growing challenge is improving the city’s data collection capacities through the construction of a city wide flood sensor network, capable of providing real time, hyperlocal flood data. In this symposium we consider flooding as a signal of a rapidly changing environment to ask, what does it mean for flooding to become digitally sensed? We aim to explore the following questions:

  • What does data do? What are the potentials and limitations of data-driven technologies and practices in climate change response, adaptation and resilience? How does the way it is produced, presented and shared shape how cities manage present day and coming environmental change? 
  • What role can data play to engage different publics with issues of flooding and climate emergency responsiveness? How are different publics already engaging with these technologies and data? How can data catalyze public engagement in new ways? How are data-driven technologies reshaping issues of equity and justice in flood response?
  • How can we bring critical perspectives from the humanities and arts into dialogue with engineering and data practitioners? This event aims to catalyze a dialogue between theory and practice
  • What are principles and pathways for building public engagement with flood data?

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In person symposium requires a proof of vaccination check at the door. Non-NYU guests must bring a photo ID and proof of being fully vaccinated (the 2 shot series plus booster). NYU guests can show their Violet Go to access the event.


This event is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Department of Integrated Design and Media, New York University and the Advanced Science Research Center at the City University of New York.