Mock Term Sheet Negotiation

Lecture / Panel,
Workshop / Training
Open to the Public

Brooklyn Bridge at dusk with purple filter. Mock Term Sheet Negotiation written across it. Logos of Data Future lab, Goodwin, Allegory, Carmera

NYU Data Future Lab, Goodwin, Allegory, and Carmera come to the negotiating table to close an investment round — don't miss it

Get a front-row seat to a conversation that usually happens behind closed doors. 

In this debate-style mock negotiation, investor, startup, and their legal teams will dissect the anatomy of a term sheet to close an investment round. Learn the weight each term carries for both sides of the table, the stakes behind every clause, and what to hold on to till when. Most importantly, find out how to navigate a negotiation so that both parties leave the room happy with the deal. 

Term sheet negotiations are rarely made public, and here’s your all-access pass. While this is a free virtual event, space is limited and video will not be shared due to the unique event format — RSVP now