Future Labs' Guide to Startup Fundraising

Career Development,
Workshop / Training
For NYU Community

two students at a desk. Future Labs logo. Text reads Guide to Startup Fundraising. Virtual event.

Join the NYU Tandon Future Labs for a workshop on the Guide to Startup Fundraising

Building your own startup? Want to work with NYC's trailblazing founders? Join the Future Labs for a virtual open house with a workshop on the Guide to Startup Fundraising. Learn the major types of fundraising channels for your startup, documents you need when pitching for venture capital, and the research you can do to find out which investors might be the best fit. 

What do investors bring to the table? How do you build your own CRM? How much do you actually need to raise and why? Get answers to all this and more at the Future Labs Open House. 

Plus, find out how to get involved with the Future Labs, opportunities to work with founders, and programs available for NYU students and alumni. This is a free event, and open to all NYU students!