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CyberTalk moderated by Robert V. Jones ’87, PAA President

Monday, September 13

6:00 PM-7:00 PM


Featured speaker

John Viega, CEO of Capsule8


NYU Tandon Alumni Showcase – Part 1

Tuesday, September 14

4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Host & Moderator - Frank Rimalovski, Executive Director, NYU Entrepreneurial Institute

Frank Rimalovski

Frank is the founder and executive director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, where he leads a pan-University initiative to spur and support entrepreneurship and technology commercialization. Frank is also managing director of the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, a seed-stage venture fund that has invested in 24 NYU startups. He collaborated with Giff Constable to produce two acclaimed entrepreneurship texts: Talking to Humans and Testing with Humans.

Frank has more than 25 years of experience in early-stage investing, spinouts and technology commercialization. He was a founding partner of corporate spinout VC specialist New Venture Partners, and before that Director/Entrepreneur-in-Residence in Lucent’s New Ventures Group. Previously, he held positions in product management and marketing at Sun Microsystems, Apple and NeXT.

Frank has previously served as an Instructor for the NSF’s I-Corps program, taught entrepreneurship courses at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering and the Courant Institute, served as a mentor at Techstars, and on the advisory board for the Tufts Entrepreneurship Center (TEC).

Frank holds a BA from Tufts University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.


Featured Companies



Danielle Blanco


Daniela Blanco, CEO

Sunthetics develops machine-learning platforms that accelerate innovation and process optimization in the chemical industry. Sunthetics' technology enables chemical companies to develop new processes using up to 5 times less materials and resources.






Rise Products

Bertha Jimenez


Bertha Jimenez, Ph.D. Co-founder

Bertha is the Co-founder and CEO of Rise Products, a food-tech startup that uses its patent-pending process and technology to convert organic byproducts into food-grade ingredients. Their first product is an ultra-nutritious and tasty flour from the brewer's spent grain.  She works very closely with the craft-beer network in NYC to help them divert tons of food-waste from the landfill. She is an expert in upcycled ingredients, and consults with food brands to help them develop, market and launch sustainable products. 









Jasmin Hume


Jasmin Hume, Phd, Founder & CEO

Shiru is lifting the lid on nature to feed people sustainably to discover and produce new functional ingredients to improve the quality, taste, pleasure, nutrition and sustainability of plant-based food & beverages.

The current food system is inefficient and environmentally harmful - it is broken. Our current agriculture system is not capable of handling the world's projected population growth. We believe there must be a better way, and that nature has the answer.

Shiru is using its deep understanding of the connection between molecular properties and functionality in food to find new natural ingredients for the food industry. We deploy machine learning to generate game-changing improvements in the discovery process's speed and accuracy, and we produce these naturally occurring ingredients via precision fermentation.




NYU Tandon Alumni Showcase – Part 2

Friday, September 17

12:00 PM -1:00 PM

Host & Moderator - Bradley Bailyn (STERN '00), President of the NYU Alumni Entrepreneurship Network

Bradley Bailyn

Bradley Bailyn is an NYU alum and President of the NYU Alumni Entrepreneurship Network. He is a leading corporate attorney and litigator in New York City working primarily with small and medium-sized businesses in the technology and construction industries. His focus areas include (1) compliance with data privacy and security, employment and intellectual property laws, (2) lawsuit defense and representation in public/private investigations, and (3) intellectual property enforcement litigation. 

 Prior to founding the Bailyn Law Firm, Mr. Bailyn was co-founder and general counsel for multiple highly successful digital ventures including one of the largest interactive children's entertainment websites in the world, the first and largest online sculpture gallery, and one of the biggest SEO companies in America.  Mr. Bailyn is a regular speaker for members of the legal profession as well as trade associations, government agencies and private consulting companies. 


Featured Companies

AirOn Labs LLC

AirOn Team

AirOn Founder

Ramon Parchment, Co-Founder

AirOn was created by five friends who met at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. Alim Williams, Diallo Sambury, Kadeem Joseph, Ramon Parchment, and Shane Garraway came together to find a solution to create face masks that can protect against harmful bacteria in the air. Based in Brooklyn, the company specializes in high-end Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). “We bring a level of creativity and ingenuity that transforms the way communities feel about PPE,” co-founder Ramon Parchment explains. “Our products represent the next generation of wearable PPE technology (PPE 2.0).” The company’s AirFusion Mask is a breathable filtered mask that uses smart technology to allow the user to breathe fresh air. The mask includes an N95 filter and a rechargeable turbine system that moves exhausted air from the nose and mouth. 



We are the New Farmers

Jonas Guether


Jonas Guenther, CEO

We are a mission-driven urban farm creating sustainable food products from microalgae. As one of the most sustainable and nutritious foods our planet has to offer, we are establishing microalgae like spirulina in every kitchen. Carbon neutral, plant-based, delicious.














Antonio Pellegrino

Mutable Logo

Antonio "pelle" Pellegrino, Co-Founder & CEO

Mutable is creating a public edge cloud that works with operators to turn their edge capabilities into a competitive advantage against “hyper scalers” (AWS/Google Cloud) by creating an Airbnb for servers: reducing latency, boosting security, and increasing bandwidth for their assets while securing new revenue streams. Allowing 5G, cloud gaming, cloud VR and other technologies to come to life at scale. Making Internet for everyone safer, faster, and more available.



BotFactory Team


Nicolas Vansnick, CEO, cofounder

Carlos Ospina, CTO, cofounder

Georgios (George) Kyriakou, COO, cofounder

BotFactory sells desktop 3D printing solutions using inkjet nanotechnology and computer vision to fabricate complete electronic circuit boards in a few hours instead of weeks, greatly accelerating its customers' time to market.

Customers include 16 Fortune 100 and more than 300 customers in diverse industries. They use BotFactory for a variety of use cases, including rapid prototyping, flexible electronics, e-textiles, drone tech, IoT, distributed manufacturing, and professional R&D services.



NYU Sustainability Entrepreneurs Virtual Happy Hour

Friday, September 17

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Overview of the NYU Urban Future Labs

Pat Sapinsley, Managing Director Cleantech Initiatives


Choose Your Chill: Comparing Whisky Stones, Giant Cubes and Small Ice

Iskender Sahin, Industry Professor, Associate Chair