Spring 2021 Virtual Career Fair

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For NYU Community

Virtual Career Fair Spring 2021

FOR EMPLOYERS interested in engaging with NYU Tandon students:

NYU Tandon will be hosting two weeks of virtual Fall Career Recruitment events from February 9-19, 2021:

  • February 9-12, 2021 | Virtual Info Sessions: Live employer presentations to discuss their internship/entry level roles & student/recent grad programs (employers may select the date/time, 30-60 minutes recommended) 
  • February 16-19, 2021 | Virtual Career Fairs - Employers have access to four (4) different virtual career fair events, during which they will be able to meet with students 1-on-1 via video chat. 

This series of recruitment events has been designed to provide an opportunity to all Tandon students & recent grads to meet with employers and discuss internship and job opportunities. 

Employer Registration via Google Form

Click here for downloadable PDF

There is no registration fee/cost to attend these events.


About the Virtual Employer Expo

  • We will coordinate logistics with you once you’ve signed up 
  • It is not mandatory to host an info session but we highly encourage it so your target audience will have a better understanding of your company and desired profiles

About the Virtual Career Fair Work

  • What platform will this be on? We use a platform called Brazen for the Career Fair.
  • What do I need to do? Select which career fair(s) suits your talent needs best. If you are looking to hire  We will create a virtual booth (which will include your logo, company information, website, open roles). You will receive a link to access your booth prior to the event. On the day of the event, students virtually line up to chat on a first-come, first-serve basis, much like a regular career fair. Employers are encouraged to bring multiple reps, so you may want to ensure that you have appropriate staffing for the day of the event
  • How many reps can we have? You can have up to 5 reps
  • Chat Duration: Each chat with a student last 10 minutes and may be text or video based

Can we engage with Tandon students in additional ways? 

Request a virtual coffee chat, tech talks, career panels or other stand alone recruitment events by emailing us at

QUESTIONS? Email us at

NYU TANDON STUDENTS: you will receive emails regarding the events and registrations in Mid-January.