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Resources for Students

Access a variety of career services created just for you

From the moment you become a Tandon student, our office partners with you to create a roadmap to help prepare you for your career. We provide professional development training, resume review, assistance with your internship and job search, as well as numerous opportunities to meet with employers.

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Fall 2020 Recruitment Events

NYU Tandon will be hosting two weeks of virtual Fall Career Recruitment events from September 8-18, 2020:

  • September 8-14, 2020 | Virtual Info Sessions: Live employer presentations to discuss their internship/entry level roles & student/recent grad programs. Please log into TandonConnect to view the events schedule and register. 
  • September 14-18, 2020 | Virtual Career Fairs: A series of career fairs will be hosted virtually throughout the week, by industry. Tandon students will receive emails during the first week of September to view the schedule and registration details.  Tandon career fairs are open to all NYU Tandon students.

Your Roadmap to Professional Success

Goals for First-Year Students:

Students need time to transition from high school to college. Because first semester grades will affect overall GPA and the ability to meet requirements set by potential employers, students should take the first semester to focus on academics and campus life. Students will receive a TandonConnect log in and is asked to complete their profile to get familiar with Tandon Career Services resources and events. We encourage students to visit us their second semester for a quick orientation about what we do and how we can help.

  • Register on TandonConnect
  • Complete professional and career assessments to determine your interests
  • Complete required 1 credit Career Academy course 
  • View Career Service’s Guide to Effective Resumes, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles 
  • Develop a first draft college resume and see a career coach for feedback during your 1-on-1 coaching appointment
  • Review the Career Services’s events page for a comprehensive list

Goals for Sophomore Year:

During sophomore year, students should explore their interests and test their perceptions of career fields. By sophomore year, students typically declare a major and should feel comfortable with their choice and potential job opportunities. Students have mastered the skill of research while completing class projects and will use these research skills to manage “project me.”

  • Register on TandonConnect
  • Complete professional and career assessments to determine your interests
  • Complete required 1 credit Career Academy course 
  • Attend Semi-Annual Career Fair
  • Research and apply for internships or career-related part-time jobs
  • Enroll in a course to receive academic internship credit, if the internship is unpaid
  • Identify a professional association in an area of interest and consider joining as a student member

Goals for Junior Year:

During junior year, students should explore their options for life after college and focus on the all-important junior year summer internship. There are many decisions, some more difficult than others, that need to be made at this stage. Is graduate or professional school in the future or will it be full-time employment? Many students struggle with finding “what they really want to do.” Career coaches specialize in facilitating these discussions with students and exploring options.

  • Attend fall and spring career fairs to find out more about companies and internships
  • Research and apply for an internship or career-related part-time job
  • Develop a list of possible/dream employers
  • Connect with NYU alumni through NYU LinkedIn alumni page to serve as potential mentors in the job search process and conduct more informational interviews

Goals for Senior Year:

During senior year, students may be asked questions that include “What are you going to do after graduation?” “Do you have a job yet?” “Did you get into grad school?” Some students may be undecided. Perhaps other students will return from the summer with full-time job offers from an internship and other students may feel they are out of the loop and falling behind. However, students need to know that each career field has its own hiring cycle. For example, consulting/banking/finance hire early in the fall.

  • Meet with a career advisor early to discuss options after college
  • Research employers and read industry publications
  • Engage with potential employers on LinkedIn
  • Finalize resume and review it with a career advisor and NYU alumni
  • Schedule a mock interviews on TandonConnect
  • Apply for jobs, Opt-in to Digital Resume Book
  • Stay healthy and focus on completing your degree requirements while maintaining a high grade point average


Goals for First-year Graduate Students:

  • Wisit the NYU Tandon Office of Career Services to meet with a career coach and review their resumes & cover letter and develop a career strategy
  • upload their resume and update their profile in TandonConnect
  • Setup recurring check-in appointments with our office
  • Attend the fall career fair to meet with employers interested in hiring for summer internships
  • Expand their network in the US (by attending conferences, career & networking events, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Consider attending applicable/appropriate national conferences & career fairs 
  • Actively search and apply for summer internships (TandonConnect, job board, professional associations)
  • Become involved in student clubs, professional associations, etc.

Goals for Second-year Graduate Students:

  • Visit the NYU Tandon Office of Career Services to meet with a career coach and update their resumes & cover letter and discuss their career strategy
  • Update their resume and profile in TandonConnect
  • Setup recurring check-in appointments with our office
  • Attend the fall career fair to meet with employers interested in hiring for summer internships
  • Expand their network in the US (by attending conferences, career & networking events, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Consider attending applicable/appropriate fall national conferences & career fairs 
  • Actively search and apply for full-time employment (TandonConnect, job board, professional associations)
  • Consider involvement in student clubs, professional associations, etc.

Resources on TandonConnect

View Resume Templates for various majors

View Cover Letters for various industries

View Career Workshop presentations 

View List of Domestic Conferences you should attend

View List of Employers where our alumni work

View Resources for International Students

Our Services & Career Programming

NYU Tandon career services offers students one-on-one career coaching sessions. Appointments can be scheduled on TandonConnect and the discussion topics range from resume review, mock interviews, job search strategy and general career exploration help. Students may schedule appointments on a recurring basis or as needed.

Attended a Coaching Session? Submit your feedback here!

The Tandon Office of Career Services offers a variety of workshops to help you advance your career. Some of the many workshops we host are:

  • Get Ready for the Job/Internship Search
  • How To Develop Your Networking Skills
  • Making The Most of the NYU Tandon Career Fair
  • How To Develop Your Networking Skills
  • Nail that Interview
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Finding A Job/Internship
  • Making a Great First Impression

NYU Tandon students have access to speed coaching with one of our career coaches through:

  • Online speed coaching sessions - get quick answer to pressing questions
  • In-person speed coaching (Rogers Hall)

Specific sessions dates and times can be viewed on TandonConnect

View Speed Coaching Info

Throughout the academic year, and especially during the busy recruitment season (Sept-Nov and February-April), employers from all industries come to NYU Tandon to meet, interview and propose on-the-spot offers to NYU Tandon students. 

Students looking for an internship or a job are highly encouraged to sign up for these sessions, through TandonConnect and to schedule a coaching session with one of our career coaches to ensure they are ready for the on-campus meetings with employers.

Attended an Info Session? Submit your feedback here!

Throughout the academic year, our office partners with employers to host Tech Talks. These presentations feature organizations who discuss their work, projects as well as various recruitment opportunities that exist for students (internships and jobs). The Tech Talks are followed by a Q&A session and a meet & greet with the employer representatives, with members of the recruitment team usually in attendance as well.

Our office coordinates with employers to host on-campus interviews during the peak recruitment season (Sept-early November and February-April). Interviews take place in our offices. Tandon Career Services provides students with interview preparation and mock interviews to ensure a successful outcome.

Our office organizes monthly virtual career fairs with employers throughout the academic year. Events are organized by major, by industry as well as “on-demand” for employers who have a number of positions to fill. 

Virtual career fairs function in a similar way to in-person career fairs: employers and their representatives are assigned a “booth”, students are provided with a link to virtually line up to meet with employers for up to 10 minutes. Conversations take place through a chat box and students share their resumes, can ask questions, and provide answers to the recruiter)s).

View Virtual Career Fair Schedule

The LeetCode Bootcamp is offered to all NYU Tandon students who wish to practice and prepare for upcoming coding interviews. Our instructors are highly familiar with Big Tech coding interview formats and questions and provide valuable insights to ensure that students have sufficient knowledge and preparation. The bootcamp takes place twice a week and students may choose between different sessions based on their class schedules/availability. New topics are covered weekly.

View LeetCode Bootcamp Info

Coming Soon

The Professional Skills Academy was designed to provide NYU Tandon students with the skills necessary to succeed with their job search as well as in the workplace. The hands-on, interactive workshop series includes training on developing an elevator pitch, creating a job search strategy, networking skills, interview preparation, business etiquette, and much more!

View Professional Skills Academy Info

Tandon Career Services organizes two main career fairs, Fall and Spring, during which dozens of employers are in attendance to promote and discuss their internship and job opportunities. All NYU Tandon students are invited and encouraged to attend our career fairs.

Fall 2020 Career Fair Event Page

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