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Donor Recognition

Donor and Scholar at recognition event

Thanks to the unwavering, generous support of donors like you, NYU Tandon School of Engineering continues to award comprehensive degrees in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics and technology to thousands of students each year. 

Each and every contribution supports our mission. The entire community thanks you for your contribution and support.

Giving Societies

Bertoni-Thorsen Society

The Bertoni-Thorsen Society recognizes donors who have made annual gifts to the school for three or more years. It is named for two of the school’s longtime faculty members: Henry Bertoni, Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Richard Thorsen, Chair of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department and Vice President Emeritus. Bertoni and Thorsen have been steadfast philanthropic supporters of the school, giving annually in support of scholarships and the annual fund for more than thirty years.


Samuel B. Duryea Society

The Samuel B. Duryea Society recognizes individuals who have named the NYU Tandon School of Engineering or Polytechnic as a beneficiary in their wills, trusts, retirement accounts, and life insurance policies. It was created in the spring of 1990, and was named after Samuel Bowne Duryea (1845–1892), a former Poly student who was the first to make a bequest to the Institute in 1885. Samuel was a resident of Brooklyn, NY and was the son of General Harmanus B. Duryea. Mr. Duryea’s fortune at the time of his death was valued at over $5,000,000 — most of which was left to the School of Engineering.

Donor Profiles and Testimonials

Miao Hu

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Binghamton University

My late husband, Hermann Broeker '49, was a Poly alumnus and he loved Poly. Because he loved Poly, I've come to love Poly, too. He made provisions for Poly in his will, and it is my intention to honor his wishes, while I continue to make contributions to Poly on my own."
— Johanna Broeker

When I was writing my will, I decided to leave remaining funds in my IRA retirement plan to Poly. Likewise, a gift to Poly in your will would be an appropriate way to acknowledge your indebtedness. We know that Polytechnic must continue as a great educational center for technological progress."
— Norbert M. Bikales '56, '61

I never cease to be impressed by the work ethic, focus, and ambition of the School of Engineering students--many of whom continue to be among the first in their families to receive a college education, or require some type of financial aid. Assisting these young adults in achieving their dreams is a terrific investment in our nation's future. That is why, when it came time to create a will, I felt it was important to designate Polytechnic as a recipient of funds."
— Charles Hinkaty '70, '72 MA

Alumni Recognition

Since its founding, the Young Alumni Leadership Circle has grown from 30 to over 500 members, with Polytechnic alumni becoming increasingly involved since the affiliation with NYU.

Learn more about the Young Alumni Leadership Circle and how alumni contributions are recognized.