Brandon Sloane

  • Adjunct Professor


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Brandon Sloane's research and publications in cybersecurity focus on developing systems for threat modeling and anomaly detection, contributing to the field's understanding of network security and data protection. His work includes creating frameworks for resource-centric threat modeling and innovative methods for identifying anomalies in information systems, which are detailed in his patents and publications. In addition, Brandon's contributions in access control and data protection are notable. He has developed vertically integrated access control systems and methodologies for secure data access in distributed server networks. His research also extends to edge computing, with a focus on systems for monitoring data center operations and managing network traffic.

In his most recent work, Brandon has turned his attention to the security and privacy of public schools, a topic of personal significance as a parent of two children. He is dedicated to exploring and documenting how schools, along with third-party software companies they partner with, handle student data. This research delves into the practices and policies surrounding data usage, focusing on ensuring the privacy and security of information in educational settings. Brandon's efforts in this area reflect a commitment to applying his expertise in cybersecurity to a matter that directly impacts the safety and privacy of students, highlighting the real-world application and societal importance of his work.

Research Interests
Cybersecurity, network security, threat modeling, access control, anomaly detection, edge computing, cryptographic techniques, data protection, vulnerability analysis, secure authentication, k12 security and privacy

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