Ashkan Aghdai

  • Ph.D. Candidate


Ashkan Aghdai

Ashkan Aghdai, Mark Huang, David Dai, Yang Xu, and Jonathan Chao. "Transparent Edge Gateway for Mobile Networks." In 2018 IEEE 26th International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), pp. 412-417. IEEE, 2018.

Ashkan Aghdai, Yang Xu and H. Jonathan Chao, "Design of a hybrid modular switch," in Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks (NFV-SDN), 2017 IEEE Conference on, p. 6. IEEE, 2017.

Ashkan Aghdai, Yang Xu, and H. Jonathan Chao. "Hybrid P4-Compatible Switch." In 4th P4 Workshop, 2017.

Ashkan Aghdai, Fan Zhang, Nadun Dasanayake, Kang Xi, and H. Jonathan Chao. "Traffic measurement and analysis in an organic enterprise data center." In High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR), 2013 IEEE 14th International Conference on, pp. 49-55. IEEE, 2013.

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