Tatiana Pilon

  • Development Engineer and Animator

Before starting her master’s degree at NYU Tandon, Tatiana Pilon worked for many years in investment banking in her home country of Brazil until she made a major change towards a tech-oriented path. Though she worked for five years for companies like Google in Silicon Valley, the self-described creative technologist joined the Integrated Digital Media graduate program to design projects and create ideas that work within the intersection of engineering, technology, and art.

Pilon aims to ensure a more diverse and inclusive environment in academia and industry, so she co-founded the NYU Tandon Advisory Board and served as a mentor to women students in the WoMentorship program. “I really love the WoMentorship program,” she said. “Knowing the things I went through myself, I wanted these girls to not feel like I did and to get out of their shell much quicker than I did.” Her thesis project explored representation and identity within media and entertainment through animation and virtual reality embodiment.

With her current work in software and application development, Pilon is on her way to making STEM a more welcoming space for everyone.