Sederick Dawkins

  • Project Engineer at GIANFIA CORP.


After joining the American Association of Blacks in Energy New York Metropolitan Area Chapter (AABE-NYMAC) chapter here at NYU Tandon, Sederick Dawkins immediately felt a transformation in his personal goals and worldview. Serving as the president of AABE-NYMAC for two years, Dawkins founded the school’s first energy challenge. Through a partnership with the NYU Office of Sustainability, AABE-NYU Energy Challenge awarded winning teams $20,000 and $10,000 for projects that improved and implemented initiatives in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and infrastructure and urban development. “At AABE-NYMAC, we encourage students to further their goals, while also making sure energy and sustainability are part of the conversation, especially for all minority students,” he said.

Dawkins received multiple laurels for his leadership of the AABE-NYU chapter and his creation of the energy challenge, including the 2016 NYU President’s Service Award. The AABE-NYMAC also honored Dawkins in 2017 for his work as president and his commitment to supporting his fellow engineering students find careers and mentors in energy.

Now in the early stages of his career within the energy industry, Dawkins continues to work towards his goals of becoming a leader in the field. “Energy and power is the lifeblood of our infrastructures of interest, and we must never stop doing our part to innovate, design, construct and improve,” he said. “NYU Tandon definitely opened my eyes to possibilities and realities, and I have a better understanding of the design and engineering feats behind our urban systems and processes.”