Roopram Ramharack

  • President, Adhesiology, Inc.

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Polytechnic Alumni Association - International Board of Directors

(Term ending August 31, 2025)

Roopram Ramharack received his Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from Polytechnic (now Tandon) and Senior Executive Training at the University of Michigan Business School. His two brothers and sister-in-law all graduated from NYU, and he made lifelong friends worldwide at the school. 

Roopram has worked successively as a research scientist, Vice President of Research, and President at such companies as 3M, Unilever, tesa (Beiesdorf), and Adchem/Berry. At tesa (Beiersdorf) he was the Vice President for Research and Development for the NAFTA region, and as President of Adhesive Applications, he was responsible for all aspects of P&L, Sales, Purchasing, IT, Innovation, Manufacturing, and HR. As President of Adhesiology, Inc., he actively consulted in the areas of business restructuring, strategy development, operation excellence, executive mentoring, and innovation and growth strategies. His global clients include companies in the U.S., Italy, Peru, and Turkey.

He has always considered his role to be to empower others to become leaders themselves, and he counts it a pleasure to see many of his former colleagues now in leadership positions. His philosophy is that it is better to light a fire in peoples' hearts rather than under their feet! His collaborative style has resulted in many papers — some of which were presented at major conferences — and in patents. One such research endeavor was to develop transdermal drug delivery patches such as nicotine for smoking cessation, estradiol for feminine hormone replacement, and fentanyl for pain management. Another was to develop and commercialize pressure sensitive adhesives for applications in the medical, solar, electrical, and industrial fields. Leading people and businesses gave him the opportunity to develop his skills in strategy, innovation, finance, and product development.

A scientist and immigrant, Roopram grew up and completed his undergraduate studies in Guyana; he thus understands the need for and power of diversity to enable individuals and companies to perform at their best. His travels to Peru, for example, have shown him how many opportunities there are to contribute and how thankful people are when you do.

He has served as a Wood Badge-trained volunteer scoutmaster, providing him with a wonderful opportunity to teach young people to problem solve, innovate, and lead. He was also a volunteer SCORE counselor, training people who wish to start their own business on entrepreneurship, creativity, and business principles such as Operations, P&L and Planning.

Roopram brings this same passion and background to the PAA, allowing him to guide and support emerging graduates of NYU in finding opportunities to change the world as they navigate it.

Polytechnic University '82

Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry

University of Michigan

Senior Executive Training