Richard Day

  • Chief Engineer & Co-Founder, Aquaneers Inc.

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Polytechnic Alumni Association - International Board of Directors (Term ending August 31, 2022)

Richard Day is the Chief Engineer and Co-Founder of Aquaneers Inc., a nanomaterials company established at NYU Tandon in 2016. Aquaneers created the Plasmonic Ribbon, a nano-enabled product that allows for efficient energy conversion. Aquaneers’ Plasmonic Ribbon production is currently funded by the U.S. Department of Energy for CO2 utilization, transforming carbon emissions into fuel via sunlight capture. 
Richard chose to attend NYU Tandon (then NYU-Poly) when he learned of the University’s growing efforts to foster student entrepreneurship. During his undergraduate years, he not only watched but immersed himself in the evolution of NYU‘s entrepreneurial community. Upon completion of his Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering studies in 2015, Richard remained connected to NYU through his company, holding the position of Visiting Scholar and making use of NYU Tandon’s labs, MakerSpace and state-of-the-art Clean Room. 
Aside from pursuing his lifelong goal of starting his own company, Richard remains determined to accomplish another dream: improving the lives of his community. He currently serves as an executive member of Next Gen, the young professionals’ committee of the Student Leadership Network, an organization that supports the college dreams of thousands of NYC students in low-income communities. He is also very active as an alumni committee member of the Pierre Toussaint Scholarship Program, which gives guidance and support to underserved college students in America and high school students in Haiti, his family’s country of origin. As a member of the Polytechnic Alumni Association, Richard will have the opportunity to significantly influence the future of the university’s entrepreneurship programs with a focus on diversity. He intends to rally support for the students and alumni to pursue their endeavors while also creating necessary job opportunities, something Richard has experienced firsthand working full-time for his own company and employing both current students and alumni. Ultimately, Richard looks to leverage his positions to develop a pipeline, guiding prospective students to become alumni of NYU Tandon’s many world-renowned STEM programs, and into impactful roles at new companies created through entrepreneurial endeavors supported by the university. 

NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering '15

Bachelor of Science, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering