Nyle Blades

  • B.S. in Civil Engineering

nyle blades headshot

From creating fashion logos, to sewing garments, to contributing to social conversations about injustice, to now learning about big tech, Nyle Blades sees himself as a Renaissance man, a Gen Z male. Through his mother’s suggestion, Nyle found himself attending an NYU STEM-based program, before he became an official Tandon student. He praises the efforts of his mother to expose him to the STEM field during his formative years, and believes she is one of his strongest advocates.

Nyle's expressions of gratitude for his mother's advocacy also extend to other family members. “As a family man, including my loved ones on this journey matters to me,” he says, and finds their presence, their support to be a source of inspiration. When considering how Black males interested in STEM should include their families, Nyle says, “Black male students need to understand that there has to be a genuine interest. Never approach this world just because of your parents’ expectations — your heart must truly be in this!” Thankfully, his family has always created room for him to be self-directed in his academic pursuits.

In addition to his family, Nyle credits the Opportunity Program (OP) for how he has grown academically and personally.  Since becoming an OP student, Nyle believes that his sociability has grown exponentially. Engagement activities, sponsored by OP and the broader community, have helped Nyle to push past his shyness and form significant friendships with his peers. He feels a deep comfort in knowing that there are other Black male students to hang out with as he pursues his scholarly interests, all of whom are actively accomplishing their own goals.

Post-graduation, Nyle hopes to leverage his internship experiences at Turner Construction to secure a full-time job. Until then, Nyle will continue to make meaningful connections by actively participating in the various networking opportunities available at the company.