Mohammed Alsherebi

  • Senior Partner, Kada-Management Consulting

  • Senior Partner, Centeleon

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Polytechnic Alumni Association - International Board of Directors (Term ending August 31, 2024)

Mohammed Alsherebi (“MAS”) is a Global Management Consultant with expertise in strategy, innovation and investment for companies expanding to the Middle East.

As a Senior Partner at Kada-Management Consulting, a firm that specializes in advising companies expanding to the Middle East, Mohammed heads the Strategy, Investment, and Innovation Division. He guides his clients—major global organizations in the finance, energy, health care, retail, high-tech, and public sectors—in achieving their critical business goals: revenue growth, market entry, country expansion, product development, pricing improvements, cost reduction, mergers and acquisitions, turnarounds, and other strategic issues. He concurrently serves as Senior Partner at Centeleon where, as head of the Global Private Equity Value Creation Division, he also crafts improvement strategies for portfolio companies of global private equity investors, including those in the Middle Eastern markets.

Mohammed has forged strong partnerships with top management consulting firms, serving on the Executive Global Panel for the world’s largest management consulting firm since 2012. He is a board member with several esteemed global institutions, a recognized thought leader and visiting professor, and he has published several articles and contributed to books on management and the digital economy. He was recently named to the lists “Private Equity’s 30 Under 30” and the “Modern Management’s Top 100 Most Influential”.

Mohammed has earned Postgraduate Certificates from Harvard Business School and his degrees in Industrial and Business Engineering include a MS from New York University and a BS from King Abdulaziz University with matriculated undergraduate courses from Universities of California at Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Irvine.

Polytechnic Institute of NYU '10

Master of Science, Industrial Engineering