James Martinez

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

james martinez headshot

When James was younger, he had an affinity for building. He developed a passion for seeing how pieces connect, which made him further think about building more complex structures. This curiosity, along with his interest in creating a more sustainable environment, informed his decision to enter the STEM field and attend NYU Tandon.  

As a Mechanical Engineering major, James thinks that future Latino men within STEM should dream as big as they can and not settle for a dream that someone hands to them. Although James understands that discrimination exists, he thinks that the best way to win is to show those who might seek to limit his potential that his grades and persistence proves that he belongs. For James, results are indisputable facts and can serve to challenge any preconceived notions a person might have about him and other Latino men. 

Post-graduation, James hopes to use what he has learned to send a message to society that extends beyond his individual academic achievements. His love for the environment has inspired his desire to save the planet, a goal he understands is much bigger than just him—the stakes are higher when protecting our planet is the ultimate endgame! James intends to start an engineering firm that adds to existing global sustainability efforts, work that he hopes to see more Latino men contribute to in the future.