Gauri Bansal

  • Advisory Consultant - Computer Forensics at Deloitte

When did you graduate and what was your major?

I recently graduated in May 2018 with a master’s degree in Management of Technology with a concentration in Business Analytics.

Where do you work now? What do you do?

I currently work as an Advisory Consultant for the Risk and Financial Services - Computer Forensics team at Deloitte. My job responsibilities include analyzing computer forensic-based digital data and related defensible preservation methodologies, to extract evidence and insights from data in various forms, both in structured and unstructured formats for the private and public sectors.

How was the job search process?

The job-hunting process was hard and disappointing at first. I used to apply to hundreds of jobs, tailoring out every resume and cover letter as per the job requirements. It was challenging because the companies had sometimes posted difficult job requirements in comparison to an average graduate student work experience. Eventually, my relentless hard work paid off well for me. I landed a position at my dream company.

I would advise all new incoming students to buckle down from day one to make yourself stand out by not giving up as you will be competing with dozens of other brilliant students.

Was it easier or tougher than you expected to get a job?

The process of securing interview calls initially was difficult due to extreme competition in the market. To excel in this competitive market, the most important thing is not to give up. A positive attitude and confidence in your abilities will make employers want to invest in you.

I scheduled weekly meetings with my career coach/mentor (Ms. Karine-Frederique Loriot – Associate Dean, Career Services, NYU) to discuss my goals and career tips about how I could polish my resume and cover letter.  My mentor’s suggestions helped me enormously in securing interviews at multiple organizations.

A piece of advice to all new incoming students at NYU – find your mentor/counselor as soon as possible to discuss your career goals and aspirations. Also, look out for job postings on TandonConnect to find the most updated list of employers looking for candidates for multiple postings. Keep working hard unless you find your dream job!

What tips do you have for students looking for a job or internship?

To give yourself a leg up in the job search after graduation, it’s more necessary than ever to apply for meaningful internships at the right time. Regardless of when the internship takes place or how much it pays; the experience can provide you with several invaluable opportunities and skillsets to excel further. I would highly recommend students to attend career fairs and information sessions; talk to the recruiters and build relationships with them. Networking is the key! You can also maximize your time at NYU by actively participating in various student organizations to beef up your technical expertise and leadership skills.

If you could change one thing about your time at NYU Tandon, what would you do differently knowing what you know now?

If I could change one thing about my time at NYU Tandon, it would be selecting the right subjects; in the right semester; in the right combination which would not overburden my schedule. It is critical to understand your strengths and weaknesses in certain subjects so that you do not end up selecting the most difficult subjects in your first semester. Apart from being smart in selecting subjects, one must concentrate on pursuing technical subjects as well as certifications in multiple software that are vital for your job aspirations and dreams.

Anything else you'd like to say/share?

I would encourage students to broaden their horizons while searching for jobs. Having unique experiences or skills can push you over the top. Ask yourself what helps you stand out from the competition. Don’t seem desperate, but do seem passionate. Do your background research and have a prepared, honest, insightful response for the “Why do you want to work here?” question.