Congyu “Alexis” Xu


Congyu “Alexis” Xu

Congyu “Alexis” Xu started off her Bachelors in Applied Mathematics at UC San Diego before transferring and completing a joint degree in Mathematics and Economics at NYU. She has garnered 9 months of industry experience from Pennsylvania to Shanghai, including a recent Risk Management internship with PwC in Hong Kong.

Alexis’ unique background has motivated her to explore the world of finance. She was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. Living in many places and being exposed to different cultures has caused her to gain a global perspective and be passionate about markets across different economy and geography. She is interested in exploring how political policies and economic environment impact financial markets. As Managing Director of Corporate Finance at the FRE Bulls and Bears Club, she will initiate and drive company-specific as well as industry-wide research projects, leveraging macro-economic knowledge and market-driven technical skills. She also plans on using her experiences to help students prepare for soft-skills based Corporate Finance interviews.

In her spare time, Alexis enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities. She picked up kayaking as hobby during her time in San Diego and started hiking when living in Hong Kong. As a member of Alpha Phi Omega — a national co-ed service fraternity, she has coordinated and participated in many community service programs in partnerships with nonprofit organizations, including American Red Cross, Feeding America, National Wildlife Refuge and more. To her, volunteer work is not only a way to give back to the community, but also a great learning experience for herself to become a more well-rounded person.

Alexis is the Managing Director - Corporate Finance of the FRE Bulls & Bears Club.