Charles L. Blanksteen

  • Healthcare Consultant

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Charles L. Blanksteen originally earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology, assuming he’d work with children, before changing directions and earning a graduate degree in finance and economics from what was then affectionately known as Poly. Now a nationally recognized healthcare consultant, he works with several large healthcare systems, insurers, Fortune 100 companies, and a healthcare venture capital firm, and he is the co-founder of Guidewalk Health Systems, which supports the important process of bundled payment management. Additionally, he was the co-founder of ActiveHealth Management and co-patent holder of the Care Engine technology, a clinical and disease management technology and service company that served more than 10 million people.

Blanksteen tells aspiring engineers that they have a large role to play in the arena of healthcare, which is becoming increasing data-driven and high-tech. “Hospitals are run by massive software systems, and unfortunately I see a great deal of bad software,” he says. “Get involved with cutting-edge companies that are breaking down the old, entrenched ways of doing things, think about integration and connectivity, and you can really make a positive impact.”