Brandon Diaz

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Brandon Diaz headshot

Brandon Diaz’s dream of pursuing a STEM-based degree was motivated by his proficiency in math and art in high school. “I figured that I could be an unstoppable engineer by combining my skills in math and my artistic, creative talents,” he says. Brandon’s passion for art and his love for math needed to find a way to coexist in his academic life, and attending NYU Tandon was a way for him to make this happen. Throughout his career, Brandon’s dual interests have allowed him to see the world in a multitude of ways, keeping the door of creativity open and accessible; this has served him well when tasked with solving problems in an innovative manner.  

When considering the advice he would offer to Black and Latino students interested in STEM, Brandon says, “Do it, but do your research before getting too deep into a field that you don’t connect with.” Brandon urges future Black and Latino students that before they metaphorically push that yes button of acceptance that they first do their homework. He does not want this population to enter into this different world of thought unadvisedly, but instead with a purpose to allow their creativity to speak to them. He wants students to carve out the spaces they need to get the results they desire, while increasing the presence of Black and Latino individuals in the profession. “Engineering is hard. Still, there should be more of us in the field!”