Mary O'Brien

  • General Manager, IBM Security

Mary Obrien

Mary O’Brien is the General Manager of IBM Security, the largest enterprise security company in the world. She leads a global team, focused on delivering IBM’s extensive security product and services portfolio. She is a strategic partner to many CEOs, CISOs, and CIOs on cybersecurity, AI, and IT strategy.

Before taking over as head of the IBM Security unit, Mary led Research and Development for the division. Having joined IBM in 2007, she spent her time making sure the research, proof of concepts and thought leadership evolved into viable products. In charge of progressing IBM’s security portfolio, she examined which incubators had the potential for success and aligned with IBM’s strategy to manage those products all the way through to delivery and support in the field.

A lifelong engineer, Mary’s career started with the last indigenous Semiconductor manufacturer in the UK. In 1994, she joined the Motorola GSM systems division and developed her skills in ASIC, PBC and Software development of telco products. Mary earned her Bachelor’s in Engineering from Dublin City University.

With more than 30 years of industry experience developed through tenures in the UK, US and Ireland, Mary spends a lot of her time mentoring others and ensures that those who work for her have mentors as well. She is a passionate fan of all local sports teams and enjoys running and swimming in her spare time. She is a self-proclaimed “foodie,” and a keen gardener that grows her own vegetables. Mary currently resides in Ireland with her family but frequently makes trips to the IBM Security headquarters in Cambridge, MA.