Jurij Paraszczak

  • Executive-in-Residence

  • Advisor to the CUSP Director

Jurij Paraszczak

As an Executive-in-Residence, Jurij establishes working connections between CUSP, industries, and governments, sharing years of industry expertise and leading urban research efforts across the world. While at IBM, Jurij helped Paul Horn, a Senior Provost of Research, to create the Center for Urban Science and Progress.

Previously, Jurij led the IBM Research Industries and Smarter Cities program, creating and engaging in many year long projects with over 20 cities on 6 continents managing work in 10 global labs and helping IBM generate ~$1B in revenue.

In previous jobs, Jurij was Chief Technology Officer of the IBM Venture Capital Group harvesting Research innovation for IBM’s solutions and products, creating strong relationships with the venture community, driving technology integration and startup acquisition.

Jurij contributed to academia and industry with real scientific and engineering work generating over 55 publications in various areas of telecommunications, technology and systems, and holds over 18 patents in many fields, from communications and plasma chemistry, to smarter city analytics and chip fabrication. He earned his PhD and BSc from the University of Sheffield, UK and completed a Post Doc at the University of Wisconsin Madison.