FAQ for Part-Time Students | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

FAQ for Part-Time Students

What do I need to submit to apply for admission to an NYU Tandon School of Engineering graduate degree or a certificate program?
  • Transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate work as well as copies of published articles, scientific patents, and professional reports (if applicable)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume/CV and personal statement
  • GRE test scores (or GMAT for Technology Management) 

For more information about required application components, please visit the Admissions Requirements page

What qualifications are required to apply for a master's degree or graduate certificate?

All candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree or a US equivalent from an accredited college or university are invited to apply to an NYU School of Engineering master’s degree or graduate certificate program. For more information about required application components, please visit the Admissions Requirements page

What is the difference between full-time enrollment and part-time enrollment?

Part time students may enroll in a maximum of six credits (generally two courses). Full time students may enroll in at least nine credits (generally three courses).

As a part‐time student, what is the maximum amount of time that I have to complete my degree?

Part-time students may take up to five years to complete a master's degree.

My company provides a tuition reimbursement program after I have completed a course. Can I defer my tuition payment?

Payment of tuition can be deferred if you have reimbursement benefits from your employer. If you wish to participate in the deferment plan, you will be charged a $150 deferment fee.

Can I change my enrollment from part-time to full-time?

Part-time students may change their enrollment status to full-time if they wish. In order to do so, you must receive department approval.

Do I need to submit transcripts from educational institutions even if I attended many years ago or didn’t complete a degree there?

Yes. In order to conduct a review of an application, Graduate Admissions needs to evaluate transcripts from all previously attended institutions.

How long will it take to process my application for admission, and when will I receive a response?

Once all admission materials have been submitted and the application is complete, the review committee generally requires approximately 4-6 weeks to render a decision on an applicant’s behalf.

Can I apply to a graduate program before I complete my undergraduate degree?

You may apply to a graduate program during your last term of undergraduate study. If you are admitted, you will be required to submit an official transcript or proof of degree conferring your undergraduate degree.

I am an international applicant seeking to enroll on a part-time basis. Am I eligible to apply?

Federal law stipulates that individuals who will require an F1 visa must enroll on a full-time basis. If you have permanent resident status, you may pursue part-time enrollment if you wish.

More questions?

For more information, visit your individual department page or contact the Office of Graduate Enrollment Management and Admissions for general admissions and enrollment information.