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Graduate Student Research

Led by our accomplished faculty and graduate students, our research is producing breakthroughs in a wide spectrum of engineering, science, and technology fields.

Graduate students conducting research at MAGNET

We have a rich history of fostering a pioneering spirit. In fact, the fabricator of the steel cables for the nearby Brooklyn Bridge attended our institution in the late 1800s. Our core philosophy of innovation and entrepreneurship has deep roots dating back to our founding in 1854, and we have stoked the fire of creativity ever since. This has led to an impressive array of distinguished alumni that includes Nobel-Prize winners, Fortune 500 CEOs, and successful entrepreneurs who cultivated their ideas here and made them exceptional realities.

Cutting-edge advances occur regularly in the state-of-the-art facilities at NYU Tandon. Our distinguished faculty serve as research mentors, and we encourage multidisciplinary projects that can broaden your perspective and lead to incredible new innovations. A sampling of the work taking place here includes:

  • Applied Physics – alternative energy sources, atomic and plasma physics, biophotonics, and quantum computing
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering – biointerfacial engineering, biomaterials and biotherapeutics, diagnostics and biosensors, flow chemistry, nanotechnology, polymers, and synthetic DNA design
  • Computer Science and Engineering – algorithms and theoretical computer science, big data, cybersecurity, wireless, digital media, and game engineering
  • Finance and Risk Engineering – technology and digital finance, algorithmic finance, compliance and regulation, and global and corporate finance
  • Mathematics – convex geometric analysis, differential topology, number theory, and partial differential equations
  • Mechanical Engineering – Bio-fluid mechanics, biomimetics, controls and robotic systems, energy systems, nanotechnology, and smart materials
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering – Communications, networking, and signal processing; systems, controls, and robotics; and computer engineering and VLSI
  • Civil and Urban Engineering – Geotechnical engineering, transportation systems, infrastructure systems, modeling with transparent soils, energy, and smart materials

The NYU Tandon School of Engineering fosters an extraordinary environment that encourages the most innovative thinking and produces remarkable outcomes. We can't wait to see what you'll create!