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Born Anywhere, Made in Brooklyn

At NYU Tandon, you can make yourself into the kind of engineer you were born to be — no matter where you were born.

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Here in Brooklyn, a place where anyone from anywhere can succeed if they work hard enough, big dreams are the norm.

We’re nurturing a diverse group of students — some from around the world and some from around the block — working to become the kind of engineer (and the kind of people) they dream of being. So whether you were born an engineer or only recently discovered a passion for engineering, Tandon can help you make it.


Are you dreaming of keeping the world safe from malicious hackers? Tandon is home to CSAW, the largest student-run cybersecurity event in the world, and our researchers are working on everything from preventing piracy in the global supply chain for computer chips to ensuring the security of the software used in automotive systems.

Is it your mission to improve healthcare by engineering new devices and treatments? Our biomedical engineers are creating nano-scale biosensors that allow for early prediction of disease; discovering cutting-edge new methods of medical imaging; developing protein-lipid macromolecule systems that can deliver genes, nanoparticles, and drugs to treat a variety of conditions; and much more.

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Are you determined to make sure the cities of the future are smart and sustainable and that the energy we use to power our vehicles and homes is as clean as possible? Tandon engineers are developing new transportation systems, studying ways to mitigate noise pollution, and using big data to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

How fast is the wireless service in the world you dream of? Is there so little lag time that surgeons can operate from remote locations using robotic tools with haptic feedback? Can fleets of autonomous cars communicate seamlessly? Thanks to the resourceful and creative researchers at NYU WIRELESS, the era of 5G communications is upon us, and things that once seemed unimaginable are becoming reality.

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What if you prefer your reality to be augmented or virtual? Dive in to our Integrated Design & Media program, and you’ll be opening very real doors to opportunities in a cutting-edge new sector that will impact fields as diverse as design and architecture, education, medicine, and of course entertainment and the arts.

Do you see yourself behind the scenes, keeping the wheels of business rolling smoothly? With the financial world increasingly reliant on big data and artificial intelligence, Tandon’s programs in finance and risk engineering can prepare you for a career in the “rocket science of Wall Street.”

In our connected world, engineers play a part in almost every field and touch all of human experience, and when we build bridges across disciplines and industries, we can all dream bigger.