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Step 2: Review Locations - International Exchange Programs

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Tandon seeks to provide the best educational experiences for its undergraduate students, both in Brooklyn and globally. In addition to the NYU campuses and centers outside of New York, the Tandon School of Engineering exclusively has opportunities for current students to study at other high ranking engineering institutions worldwide.

The Global Engineering Education Exchange Program and our own Tandon Exchange Partners enables engineering students to go abroad to 40 universities in 23 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East while earning credit at home.

A significant number of courses are offered in English, and a larger amount are available for students who are proficient in other languages.

Both the GE3 and Tandon Exchange Partners function in the same capacity; students will need to review course offerings at the schools they are interested in and submit their application through the Tandon Study Abroad Portal. Upon the successful review of your application, students will be sent individualized instructions on how to then apply directly to their school of choice.

To start exploring your options, view the Tandon Exchange Partner Database

flags of Tandon Exchange partners (see Exchange Partner Database for list)


- Students must have completed at least their first year of study and have a 3.0 GPA to apply

- Students wishing for a more immersive study abroad experience may find these exchange partners as a great option compared to our NYU Study Away sites and campuses.

- Students wishing to study abroad while still taking major related and upper level engineering courses not offered at NYU Study Away sites and campuses.

- Students wishing to study abroad at unique locations.

- Students wishing to study abroad for a semester or year. 

- Students interested in fields and disciplines that Tandon and NYU may not specialize in (i.e. Wind energy at in Denmark)

Tandon Exchange Partner Database

Tandon Global has collected and organized important information from each of our partner institutions in an easy-to-search and read format. Students should use this tool to narrow down their top choice in schools, we suggest picking up to 3. We also have a spreadsheet version of the database displaying the same information.

In this tool you can:

  • See eligibility requirements
  • Which schools are best for certain majors
  • Course search information and guides/tips
  • Housing information
  • Names of Tandon students who have studied at these institutions
  • Plus much more!

In addition to this database, you can also access information about some of the schools listed here:

  • Official GE3 Member Institutions List 

    • Tandon is a member of the Global Engineering Education Exchange program; a majority of our partner schools are members of this organization. The information listed here can supplement what we have listed in our database.
  • Additional Exchange Partners

Not all institutions offer the same variety of courses and not all will provide the same amount of courses taught in English.

  • Students must have completed their first year of study
  • Hold a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • All majors at Tandon are encouraged to apply
  • Students of all nationalities and citizenships are encouraged to apply
  • Previous knowledge of the language is not a requirement

1. If you are interested in going to one of these schools, please reach out to to set up an initial appointment with one of our staff members. They will go over navigating partner websites, program timelines, requirements, application process for the exchange

2. Students will then review the partner school's website to determine if they will be offering the types of courses they wish to take in order to stay on track for graduation. While many of the courses within participating schools are taught in English, some are not. Students are required to conduct their own personal research via the schools websites to find out if the courses they want to take are taught in English. We recommend reviewing 2-3 schools course catalogs and submitting all possible courses to be evaluated. 

3. Once you have compiled a list of courses and their syllabi, you will then submit each course to be evaluated through the Tandon Study Abroad Portal 

  • For example, you locate a course in Hanyang University that looks to cover the exact same topics as our Linear Algebra. You would submit the syllabus and other relevant information to the Math department through the online portal to be evaluated.
  • While you are not required to have a finalized list of evaluated courses in the Study Abroad Portal prior to submitting your application, it is in your best interest to get as many courses reviewed as possible up front rather than waiting until closer to your departure should you be nominated/accepted to a partner institution. 

4. Prior to the deadline, please submit your application through our Tandon Exchange Application (See below). Reminder, you do not need to have all of your courses evaluated in the Tandon Study Abroad Portal prior to submitting; you can continue to secure approvals/evaluations after submission of your application.

5. Finally, your application materials will be reviewed by a Tandon committee to determine if you will become a Tandon nominee. Students who are chosen as nominees must then abide by additional application deadlines and information set by the partner institutions which Tandon Global will provide to you upon nomination. 

6. Once you have been nominated and accepted to a partner institution, you will return to the Tandon Study Abroad Portal and add your course preferences to your "cart". You will then make an appointment with your academic advisor so they can indicate how each course will count towards your degree progress/completion (i.e. major requirement, tech elective, HUSS, free elective etc.). This will need to be completed at least one month prior to your program's start date.

(In order to access this portal, you will need to be sure to fill out the Tandon Study Abroad Interest Form in order to be granted log-in access. For a tutorial on how to navigate and utilize the portal, please view the “Tandon Study Abroad Portal Tutorial”. You will need to use your NYU credentials to access.)

Interested students must complete the Tandon Exchange Application by the deadlines listed below

For GE3 schools:

  • Upon submission and review in the Tandon Study Abroad Portal, you will be sent a notification and instructions on how to submit your application through the GE3 website. Please do not submit an application to GE3 prior to receiving this email notification.
  • Although you can apply through the GE3 website prior to receiving notification from Tandon Global that your application has been accepted, Tandon Global WILL NOT APPROVE any GE3 applications that were not submitted initially through the Tandon Study Abroad Portal for review. No exceptions! Failure to read and follow directions has proven to be a strong indicator of a student's success and ability to study abroad through the exchange programs. As such, your ability to follow instructions will weigh heavily in our application review process. 


Fall Semester: February 15th

Spring Semester: September 15th


Finalized Course Preferences/Evaluations

At the latest, one month prior to your program start date.

Charges on Bill

- Normal NYU Tandon tuition and fees
- All financial aid, scholarships, and grants will still be applied

Out of Pocket

- Flight
- Housing at the partner institution (costs will vary)
- Daily cost of living expenses
- Immigration documents/Visas (Depending on citizenship)

Provided by NYU free of charge

- Comprehensive international health insurance coverage
- Immigration assistance through our Office of Global Services

Grades are P/F. Students need to receive an equivalent of a D in order to receive a Pass which will not affect your GPA. If you score below a D, you will receive an F and it will affect you NYU GPA.

Depending on your department/major they may require you to receive an equivalent of a C while studying abroad in certain major required courses in order to proceed onto the succeeding course. That is even if you receive the Pass they may want to see that you indeed earned at least the equivalent of a C.

Credits will be converted accordingly and you will learn more about this process upon acceptance/nomination to an exchange partner. 

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