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Classroom Technology

Connectivity • Interactivity • Versatility

Technologically equipped classrooms are designed to facilitate teaching and learning in the physical in-person and online remote spaces.

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About Classroom Technology

Classrooms in Rogers Hall (RH), Jacobs Academic Building (JAB), 2 MetroTech Center (2MTC), 5 MetroTech Center (5MTC) and 370 Jay Street (370J) are fully equipped for web-conferencing with HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras and ceiling microphones.  

For ad-hoc spaces and teaching labs that have been added to the classroom inventory and did not have existing screens/projection, the School of Engineering has acquired and assembled over 25 Zoom Ready Carts, each equipped with an 85-inch TV, a Tandon imaged PC, and a mobile camera/microphone. Recently renovated teaching labs with existing AV equipment have been retrofitted with a PC, ceiling mounted Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, and microphones.  

Classroom Training for Faculty

Interested in exploring the teaching tools Tandon classrooms offer to support your instruction? Check out this quick interactive training guide of the available technology for conducting remote sessions in your classroom. 


To schedule a classroom practice session or learn how to enhance your instructional practices with classroom technology, please contact or schedule an appointment by navigating to the calendar appointment page. Book now!

Support & Equipment

If you require technical support using the audio/visual systems or need additional equipment at campus classrooms, please contact: 

Media Services for classrooms located in 5 MetroTech Center and 6 MetroTech Center (tsoe-av@nyu.edu646-997-3934)

Campus Media for classrooms located in 2 MetroTech Center and 370 Jay Street (campusmedia@nyu.edu646-997-0766)

For questions on any additional technology (i.e. Document Cameras, Student Response System, etc.) to support instruction, please contact FITL ( 

Technology Facilities for Students

Students have access to various technology equipped spaces throughout campus.