Students interested in pursuing a career in health professions are encouraged to get involved with prehealth.

At NYU, prehealth is not a major but it is track or an interest and any student pursuing any major can be interested in health-related professions. If you are interested in health fields, you are encouraged to get involved with prehealth at NYU Tandon.

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Learn about various career opportunities as a Tandon Pre-health student.

Tandon Prehealth Committee

The Tandon Prehealth Committee provides information, guidance, and opportunities for students interested in going to medical school, dental school, nursing school, graduate school for public health and other health-related majors, and the like.


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Chair: Sara-Lee Ramsawak

Thorsten Kirsch
Karine Loriot
John Ross Rizzo
Richard Stein

More about the committee members coming soon!