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Transfer Student Advisement & Registration Process

Academic Advisement

Upon being admitted to Tandon, transfer students are advised by their departmental academic advisors. For example, if you are a Mechanical Engineering major you are advised by the faculty advisors in the Mechanical Engineering department. If you were entering Tandon as a first-year student, on the other hand, you would be advised for your first two semesters by the first-year advisors in the Academic Advisement Center. Therefore, as a transfer student, if you have any questions, please make sure to contact your departmental advisor and not the first-year advisors in the AAC. See a list of department advisors for transfer students.

Your academic advisor’s contact information is also available in Transfer Student Central which is an online portal in NYU Classes. As an admitted transfer student you will be made a member and should review all of the information there on transfer credit policies, registration steps, university support services and much more.  You should contact your departmental advisor once admitted. They will not be able to advise you on what courses to take until your transfer credit evaluation is complete but you should begin the dialogue with them once you are admitted.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

One of the most important steps as a transfer student is having your previous courses evaluated. Once admitted you will receive an email that will explain the transfer credit evaluation steps. Follow the steps and when your evaluation is complete you will discuss your evaluation with your advisor. They will explain what courses count for what requirement in your major and together you will choose which classes to register for in the coming semester. 

However, you should not wait until your transfer credit evaluation is complete to reach out to your departmental advisor. Again, your advisor may not be able to advise you fully on what courses to register for until all of your courses have been evaluated but you should begin the dialogue with them once admitted.

Math Diagnostic Exam

The math diagnostic exam is an online assessment and will take place on various dates before the beginning of the semester. All transfer students are required to take the Math Diagnostic exam. The only exceptions are students who:

You should complete the exam before the beginning of the registration period, if at all possible, as this will allow you to register for the correct math class. If you are not able to take the diagnostic before your enrollment date you should contact the math department at to find out what other dates are possible.

Please note that if you do not receive transfer credit for your previous math courses (Calculus I and higher), and want to demonstrate your competency in the subject matter, you can opt to take Credit-by-Exam which is offered by the Mathematics department. If you have any questions about math-related issues send an e-mail to

Submission of Official Transcripts

For any transfer credit to be posted to your record, official transcripts must be received from the college or university where the credit was awarded. If no transcript is received then no credit can be posted to your record.
To submit official transcripts:

1.   They should be sent electronically from the previous institution to the NYU Admissions Office at
2.   They can also be sent to NYU Admissions by Postal Mail.  Physical copies must bear an official stamp, be signed and addressed from a student's school in a sealed envelope, and delivered to:

NYU Admissions
383 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003

AP Credits, IB Scores and Transfer Credits

As a transfer student, you most likely have a semester or more of transfer credits. However, if you’ve also earned credits as a result of AP or IB exams, you must submit those scores to NYU Admissions as well so that you can receive the appropriate transfer credit.

AP Exams: You can request your AP score by contacting the College Board and send your scores to NYU (CEEB code: 2562). Tandon AP policy chart.
IB Scores: please speak with your high school or contact the International Baccalaureate service to send your scores to NYU.

Dual Enrollment (aka: college courses taken in HS)

If you completed college courses while in high school, and want to have them evaluated for transfer credit, you will follow the standard transfer credit evaluation steps. However, in addition, we will need to receive a letter from your HS stating whether or not they were used towards meeting your HS graduation requirements.

Please note: if they were used to meet your HS graduation requirements you can NOT receive NYU transfer credit for them.

However, if they were taken in HS but in addition to your other courses and were not used to meet your HS graduation requirements then transfer credit is possible.

To confirm whether they were used towards your HS graduation requirements or not we would need an email from your HS counselor or principal, written from an official HS email account, stating whether or not they were used towards your HS graduation requirements.

NYU Transfer Credit Minimum Grade Policy

The minimum grade for a college course to be eligible for transfer credit is a C or higher. However, for any college courses taken in HS, a minimum grade of B is needed for courses to be eligible for transfer credit.

Community Standards Tutorial

As a new member of the Tandon community, it is important for you to be aware of and understand the academic and behavioral expectations at NYU. The Community Standards module covers academic and behavioral issues and is accessible to all admitted transfer students in Transfer Student Central. You must complete the module as one of the preliminary steps in the registration clearance process.

Student Response System Tutorial

The Student Response System (SRS) tutorial explains the educational tool that instructors use in their classrooms to engage students, carry out in class quizzes and check attendance. As a transfer student, you are required to complete the SRS tutorial and register your SRS subscription before the first day of classes.

Online Registration

The start date for transfer student registration for the fall 2021 semester is June 17th or June 21st depending on your major. To find out your appointment you must check Albert, the student information system, to see when your enrollment window will begin.

Transfer Student Central

If you are an admitted transfer student you have access to Transfer Student Central in NYU Classes. Most of your transfer related questions should be answered by the detailed information posted there. Therefore, please make sure to review all of the information in Transfer Student Central to make your transition to NYU Tandon a smooth and informed one.


If you have any general questions at all about academic advisement please contact

If you have any general questions at all about transfer credit evaluations please contact