Did you have any prior programming experience prior to the course?

I had minor programming experience from work.


How well did the Bridge prepare you for a Master's degree at Tandon?

The Bridge was an excellent introduction to the materials required to successfully complete the masters program. I enrolled in the MS Computer Science program.


What set the Bridge program at NYU apart from others you considered?

The Bridge program at NYU provided a platform for serious guided Computer Science study that could be completed while working full time. Many pre-requisite programs require full time study without a guarantee of getting accepted to the masters program, which is a massive commitment. The Bridge afforded me the flexibility to do my studies at night and continue supporting myself during the day.


What aspect of the course made the biggest impact for you, and why?

The Bridge helps to kick start your way of thinking. As a Computer Scientist, the key to problem solving is the mass deconstruction of a very sophisticated problem into many simple solutions. This is not a natural instinct for most people, especially if they're coming from a non-stem background. You can only develop this skill set after hours and hours of beating on the material in the bridge (for me, this was Algorithms and Operating Systems concepts).


How do you feel the Bridge impacted your career prospects?

The Bridge has completely changed and improved my career prospects. I was able to land a highly competitive position at a Wall Street trading firm prior to my graduation from the Masters. The Bridge has opened so many doors for my career and had it not been for Dr. Memon, Professor Tal, and Professor Katz, my current prospects would look extremely different.