Did you have any prior programming experience prior to the course?

Yes, I had taken one undergraduate programming class in Java and was self-taught in Python through Hacker Rank.


How well did the Bridge prepare you for a Master's degree at Tandon?

I feel fully prepared for the Master in Cyber Security degree in the Cyber Fellows program, in which I am beginning my second year.


What set the Bridge program at NYU apart from others you considered?

The Cyber Fellows is an unbeatable value and a good fit for working professionals like me, and the Bridge program is a solid value at the advertised price given the depth of content and the quality of instruction. Bridge is definitely not for the faint of heart, though.


What aspect of the course made the biggest impact for you, and why?

I really got a lot out of learning the data structures, operating systems, and C++. Without these fundamental knowledge areas I would have had a really difficult time in the Operating Systems course, where we programmed in C exclusively. Programming in C is easy if one can do C++.


How do you feel the Bridge impacted your career prospects?

The Bridge program allowed me to add NYU to my resume and gave me the prerequisites and confidence to take on a challenging degree at a top school.