Did you have any prior programming experience prior to the course?

Yes. I was "google-taught" automation tester. I was good at psuedo-coding and then I would google up code snippets w/o understanding what the piece of coach actually did.


How well did the Bridge prepare you for a Master's degree at Tandon?

After enrolling in the Bridge, I realized how big the divide was between what I did and what should have been done. Bridge in fact "bridged" (true to the name) the gap between my actions and my knowledge and understanding!


What set the Bridge program at NYU apart from others you considered?

I wanted to study Cyber Security and was exploring all possible options available to a working single mom. Since I was going back to school after almost 20 years, I was pretty anxious.

When I reached out to the Student Coordinator at NYU, the response I received was very reassuring. I was clearly walked thru the admission process and what to expect as next steps and during the Degree. 

Since I did not have CS background, I was asked to enroll in the Bridge. And when I compared similar courses, the syllabus robustness and schedule of classes set it apart from the comparative programs.


What aspect of the course made the biggest impact for you, and why?

The support system. HANDS DOWN!! 

The student community, the Professors and most of all Prof. Memon's investment in his student’s well being and success. I always felt supported. I felt even if I did not know the basics, I could still approach my Professors and they would make sure I understood the concepts. There was never a negative learning moment for me as a Bridgette!

It is easy to get knowledge online, but it’s the support system that sets any program apart from its peers. NYU’s support system helped me through my Bridge program. 


How do you feel the Bridge impacted your career prospects?

I had been in the IT Quality Assurance field for 10 years but did not have confidence to grow in my career as I never understood the basics. I would struggle at work.

2 years after coming out of the Bridge I am now an Architect level Manager. The courses in Bridge helped me understand the concepts and then I knew what my code did and why. It made debugging easy. It made reading code easy. It made writing code easy.

With Understanding came Confidence.

With Confidence came Growth and Success.

FINALLY with Growth and Success came Satisfaction and a sense of Achievement!!!