Did you have any prior programming experience prior to the course?

I had some experience using Arduino and Microsoft VBA


How well did the Bridge prepare you for a Master's degree at Tandon?

The Bridge was critical in preparing me for a Master's degree. It taught me the fundamentals well and also prepares myself mentally for study again. I enrolled in MS Computer Science at Tandon.


What set the Bridge program at NYU apart from others you considered?

It was one of the only program I found that specifically prepares one with little knowledge in Computer Science for a Masters in CS.


What aspect of the course made the biggest impact for you, and why?

It was the knowledge gained from helpful professors and the homework/projects. I have retained the knowledge from the bridge well till this day because it was very fundamental and interesting. The homeworks/projects really taught me how to think like a computer engineer.


How do you feel the Bridge impacted your career prospects?

I switched my career thanks to the Bridge and NYU and I love how I am in the industry that is rapidly changing. I now have the skills and education background to follow paths that I am interested in this field.