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Program Queries

Yes, MS in Management of Technology does have spring intake. Please navigate to the Tandon Graduate Admission for all application deadlines.

A maximum of 9 credits may be accepted as transfer credits towards an MS or ME degree. Transfer credits must be approved by the student’s department, the Associate Dean for Graduate Academics, and the Office of the Registrar. Courses that have been counted towards an awarded undergraduate or graduate degree, whether taken at NYU or another institution, may not be transferred toward a master’s degree at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Credits submitted for consideration must be: 1) from accredited institutions; 2) consistent with NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s residency requirements; 3) completed with grades B or better; 4) consistent with the curriculum in which the student is registered; 5) taken after receipt of a bachelor’s degree, with the exception of NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s undergraduate students (See section: Transfer Policy Exceptions: NYU Tandon Undergraduate Students). Theses, projects and guided studies or readings courses cannot be transferred.

Please navigate to the NYU Tandon Bulletin: Graduate Academic Requirements for more information.

All queries about tuition and financial aid are handled outside of the department of the Bursar. Please navigate to their site or reach out to find out more about the cost of your program. However, a helpful breakdown of costs per credit can be found here

The timing of the program is dependent on how the student chooses to schedule their courses, and if they enroll as a full-time or part-time student. Generally, for full-time students, both the MOT and IE programs generally take 4 semesters, or 2 years, to complete. There are certain ways in which a student may be full-time and finish in 1.5 years, however, that is entirely dependent on the academic plans made between student and advisor.

Typical program structure.

Cohort size varies year by year, with heavier admissions being processed in the fall semester. That being said, The average incoming class size is about 150.

Work experience is not a mandatory requirement for the program, however, experience in the field is a plus.

NYU promotes the innovative ideas of students and has associated with start-ups through their NYU Incubator system. The students have the opportunity of working as interns or full-time employees in startup companies across NYC.

NYU does not directly place students into a job position after graduation. Our goal is to supplement your existing experience and allow you to gain an advantage in the field by being exposed to our comprehensive coursework that may be directly applied to your career. Additionally, NYU has a job portal (NYU Careernet) and Wasserman Center to help students with their job search. We have seen a trend of students pursuing a career in Fin-Tech, Management Consulting, and Entrepreneurship post graduation.

Yes, MS MOT and IE are STEM Programs.

TOEFL or IELTS is mandatory for international students. However, if you would like to request to waive the TOEFL scores because of previous work done at an American Institution, please contact the Graduate Admissions office.

The minimum amount of credits required for a full-time student is 9 Credits. Alternatively, the maximum amount of credits a part-time student may enroll in per semester is 8.5 credits.

Part-time students should enroll in at least 3 credits per semester.

International students can do an internship only after completing two regular semesters of study (excluding summer). The earliest they may apply for an internship for credit is the first summer of their program.

Curriculum Related Questions

All course related material is posted on the learning portal NYU Classes and lecture videos will either be posted online (on NYU Classes) or conducted virtually. The primary mode of instruction is at the professor’s discretion.

The Capstone course involves the application of all the concepts students learn about throughout the course of the program. It is a mandatory requirement towards completion of the MOT degree and cannot be waived.

Students are expected to take all the core and semi-core courses from among the options offered by the Department of TMI.

Yes, students can pursue courses beyond 36 credits. Please keep in mind, however, that international students must finish the degree in 2 years in any circumstances. Note that all the extra credits would be accounted towards the final GPA.

Typically, a full-time student will enroll in 9 credits per semester. In any semester after the first, a full-time student may enroll for up to 12 credits upon approval from their advisor. Part-time students may enroll in up to 8.5 credits per semester.

Students are free to choose electives from any department within NYU Tandon or any school within NYU provided the courses are open. The procedure to enroll in some schools varies and can be explained on a case-by-case basis with your advisors.