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Capstone Projects

Students helping corporate partners to utilize advances in technology and entrepreneurship

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Capstone Project Details

What is The Capstone Project?

Experiential learning allows students to take their skills out of the classroom and into the market. Teams of 3-5 students work with faculty mentors and industry practitioners for 300-500 hours on research projects throughout the semester

What We Offer

  • Data-driven insights and strategies
  • Student talent pipeline for recruitment
  • Competitive advantage through latest advances in technology & entrepreneurship
  • Track record of productive collaborations with corporate affiliates in different industry sectors
  • Experienced and diverse student groups with the mentorship of practitioners

While there is no cost to corporate sponsors, the department encourages donations to support the development of the capstone program.

Past Capstone Projects

Asset Management 

Collateralized loan obligations (CLO’s) are a type of asset-backed security. Analysts want to compare the performance of different investors managing portfolios of CLO's. Segmentation of portfolio managers across investment styles gives analysts a broader understanding of these markets. The project adapts studies of CLO's to a study of exchange traded funds.

Diversifying Hiring

Manually collecting and updating information is a time-consuming and human resource-consuming task. Automation of fact gathering can help recruiters to manage and update information relevant to hiring. The project develops a pipeline of relational analysis, web scraping, natural language processing, and market research to collect and process data about S&P500 executives.

Infrastructure Resilience

Sponsor: Town+Gown: NYC Utilidor Working Group 

The project develops a broadly applicable methodology to locate, analyze, and measure risks along with impacts of infrastructure vulnerabilities. The methodology allows planners to prioritize disruptions to systems in a human-centered way. The project provides replicable and scalable approaches to address the social impact of transit failures in urban areas.  

Cataloging Cosmetics

Sponsor: SkinSAFE

The focus of this project is to enhance the current SkinSAFE knowledge base with additional publicly and internally available data. The goal is to redesign the presentation of the information on its website to be quickly absorbable by those without specialized background knowledge. The project contains aspects of UX & UI design, coupled with finding and connecting relevant data to bring out actionable value and best practices for the users. The student team worked closely with the online marketing team to conduct various A/B testing while analyzing behaviors in order to gain consumer insights.

Transportation Monitoring 

Sponsor: NYC DDC and Town+Gown: NYC 

Each year companies and agencies spend millions of dollars on traffic data collection. This traffic data is essential to conducting multimodal transportation planning and engineering studies to help provide for the safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible movement of people and goods in big cities. The project leverages object detection and object tracking to automatically process traffic data yielding information about the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. 

Health and Wellness

Sponsor: Motispark

Technology allows mental health advocates to reach different target audiences. The team has partnered with a start-up to deploy a pilot program among university students promoting health and wellness. Through experiments across control groups and focus groups, the team has identified drivers of student engagement and satisfaction particularly through visual media.  

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We have engaged with a variety of technology partners ranging from manufacturing to customer service to marketing. 

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Capstone Faculty & Staff

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