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Student Associations and Clubs

Departmental Student Organizations

NYU Tandon School of Engineering is home to over 40 student clubs that represent academic, cultural, political, professional, religious, spiritual, service, social, and recreational interests. These groups provide limitless opportunities and events to achieve an active role on campus and to pursue individual interests.

The following are professional student clubs housed within the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department.


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Provides students with activities such as field trips, guest speakers and annual conferences in efforts of supplementing the academic experience with practical knowledge.  


Tau Beta Pi

The NYU Chapter of the Engineering Honor Society

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  • Advisors: Richard Thorsen, Iskender Sahin, Rastislav Levicky, and Ryan Hartman


Society of Automotive Engineers

A group of students looking to progress automotive knowledge by providing seminars, entertaining events, and teaching important skills needed by automotive engineers.