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Structural Engineering Minor

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About The Minor

Structural engineering is one of the oldest recognized specializations within the civil engineering profession. Buildings, bridges, dams and tunnels are only a few examples of structures upon which our infrastructure is dependent. Structural engineers must have a strong understanding and be capable of both analyzing and designing structural elements and systems. This minor will prepare civil engineering students who intend to pursue a career in structural engineering, as well provide other students a foundation of understanding of structures or a platform from which to pursue further study. Students are required to take a total of 15 credits.

The minor is open to all undergraduate students. BS CE students are expected to be able to complete the minor within the required 129 credits.

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce students to the field of structural engineering.
  • Apply science and engineering principles, to analyze and design safe structures.
  • Ensure all codes requirements are properly met.
  • Ability to use the techniques and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.