Student Life in Transportation Engineering

Our students are engaged beyond the classroom, leading student organizations that facilitate learning and networking outside the classroom.

ITE Kick-off meeting

The joint ITE-ITS student chapter at NYU organizes seminars, networking events and field trips for transportation students and other students with a passion for transportation and smart cities. The two groups work together to spur interest, share ideas and foster discussion around multi-disciplinary transportation issues and emerging technologies.

About the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Student Chapter

The ITE-NYU Student Chapter is part of the ITE Metropolitan Section of New York and New Jersey. ITE-NYU is focused on helping aspiring future engineers stay up to date on transportation events, provide a platform for building a network of transportation professionals and offer leadership/career opportunities.

Board Members:

  • Jingqin Gao, President
  • Fan Zuo, Vice President
  • Mateo Leon, Treasurer
  • Siva Sooryaa Muruga Thambiran, Secretary
  • Bruno Chede Cunha, Public Outreach
  • Hio Kuan Kong, Event Coordinator
  • Assel Dmitriyeva, Social Director

About the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) Student Chapter

ITS America is dedicated to advancing the research, development and deployment of intelligent transportation systems and policy. The NYU chapter is the only ITS Student Chapter in the region, and aims to be a multi-disciplinary transportation club for students with a strong interest in smart cities and transportation issues around NYC.

Board Members:

  • Jingqin Gao, President
  • Reuben Juster, Vice President
  • Yueshuai He, Treasurer
  • Sarah Schoengold, Communications
  • Hio Kuan Kong, Secretary
  • Christian Moscardi, Member-at-Large (CUSP)