Subjects (by degree level) | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Subjects (by degree level)

Subjects (by degree level) taught by Departments at NYU Tandon

This table summarizes the subjects taught by each department at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, including those subjects that are taught by multiple departments.

Subject Code ↕ Department ↕ Subject ↕ Graduate (GY) ↕ Undergraduate (UY) ↕
AE Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering   Yes
AH Technology, Culture & Society Art History   Yes
BE Biomedical Engineering BioEngineering Yes  
BI Biomedical Engineering Bioinformatics Yes  
BI Computer Science & Engineering Bioinformatics Yes  
BMS Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Biomolecular Science   Yes
BT Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Biotechnology Yes  
BTE Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship Yes  
CAM Technology, Culture & Society Culture, Arts, and Media   Yes
CBE Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Chemical & Biological Engineering Yes Yes
CE Civil & Urban Engineering Civil & Urban Engineering Yes Yes
CM Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Chemistry Yes Yes
CP Co-op Education Internship   Yes
CS Computer Science & Engineering Computer Science Yes Yes
CUSP Ctr for Urban Sci and Progress-GX CUSP Yes  
DM Integrated Digital Media Integrated Digital Media Yes Yes
DM Technology, Culture & Society Integrated Digital Media Yes Yes
ECE Electrical & Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Yes Yes
EE Electrical & Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering   Yes
EG General Engineering General Engineering   Yes
EL Electrical & Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Yes  
EN Technology, Culture & Society English   Yes
EXP(OS) Expository Writing Expository Writing   Yes
FIN Finance and Risk Engineering Finance   Yes
FRE Finance and Risk Engineering Finance and Risk Engineering Yes  
GA Writing Writing Yes Yes
GS General Studies General Studies   Yes
HI Technology, Culture & Society History   Yes
IE Technology Mgmt & Innovation Industrial Engineering Yes  
MA Mathematics Mathematics Yes Yes
MD Technology, Culture & Society Media Studies   Yes
MD Global Programs Media Studies   Yes
ME Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Mechanical Engineering Yes Yes
MG Technology Mgmt & Innovation Management Yes Yes
MN Technology Mgmt & Innovation Manufacturing Engineering Yes  
PH Applied Physics Physics Yes Yes
PHP Tandon Registration Prehealth Prep   Yes
PL Technology, Culture & Society Philosophy   Yes
PS Technology, Culture & Society Political Science   Yes
ROB Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Robotics Yes  
SEG Technology, Culture & Society Society, Environment, & Globalization   Yes
SL Student Life Student Life   Yes
STS Technology, Culture & Society Science and Technology   Yes
TR Civil & Urban Engineering Transportation Yes  
URB Technology, Culture & Society Urban Studies   Yes
VIP General Engineering Vertically Integrated Projects   Yes