Internal Data Reporting | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Internal Data Reporting

Institutional Research – Internal Data Reporting

Enrollment Reports

  • Credit-Taking Reports
  • Retention
  • Declaration / Change of Major trends
  • By Student, Course, and/or Academic Program Type

Grant-driven Reports

  • Data to support Grant applications
  • Data to evaluate awarded Grants (Interim or Final Reports)
  • For independent organizations or associations (i.e., NACMEE, CGS, etc.)

Faculty & Staff (HR) Reports

  • Diversity demographics
  • (de-identified) Salary summary reports
  • Workload

Outcomes Reports

  • Degrees Awarded
  • Graduation Rates
  • Job Placements*
  • Graduate School Enrollment*
  • Alumni Salaries*
  • Periodic or ad hoc
  • Particular time-frames
    • as of non-Census date;
    • Historical (over multiple semesters or Academic Years)
    • Comparison of particular semesters or Academic Years
    • pre- vs. post-Poly/NYU merger
  • Unique combination of criteria
    • gender;
    • Ethnicity (including International);
    • citizenship;
    • New vs. Continuing students;
    • Cohort vs. all currently enrolled;
    • by Academic Program vs. Department
    • Engineering vs. non-Engineering;
    • discrete degree levels (Bachelors vs. Masters vs. Ph.D.)
    • Tenured/Tenure-Track vs. non-Tenured
    • Online vs. On-Campus (Student vs. Academic Program)

NOTE: Due to limited access to row-level data, the Tandon AIR office generally must collaborate with Admissions, Wasserman, and HR for Undergraduate applicants & admits and financial aid, career and post-graduation “Life Beyond the Square”, and atypical faculty and staff data requests, respectively.