Applications for ARISE 2018 are now CLOSED. 

Students must complete their own application.  

Check the Frequently Asked Questions page if you still have questions after reading these instructions:

IMG_2605Before you begin the online application, read these directions, gather the information noted, and write/edit your essay in a word processing program. The online application form needs to be submitted all at once – you cannot save it and return to it later. Your recommenders will receive automated emails after you hit “submit”. Therefore, do not submit practice applications or multiple applications. Submit once, after you’ve prepared your essay and other information.

We know students have different coursework opportunities and may not have access to Advanced Placement courses or easy access to Regents exams. Therefore, there are no specific courses, grades, or test scores that are prerequisites. We will consider your application in its totality, and will focus particular attention on your written essay.  We are seeking academically strong students with aptitude in science and math.  We are looking for NYC students with a passion for STEM subjects, who are excited by the idea of conducting research, and are willing to commit and work hard.

Applications are submitted online, only. We do not accept documents via email or paper mail for ARISE. The online application form requests information in the following areas:

1 – Information About You

  • The basics, plus an email address and contact number you check regularly.
  • Demographic information about yourself, including race/ethnicity and household/family income.

2 – Information About Your Academic RecordIMG_9673

  • Your cumulative GPA (out of 100) from the beginning of high school through the last marking period. There is no minimum GPA required in order to apply.  If you need to convert a 4 point GPA to a scale of 100 please refer to this blog post.
  • Your average grade (out of 100) in all your high school science and math classes, and the number of classes you have taken in these subjects.  You can calculate this by reviewing your transcript and averaging the grades from the relevant classes. Please include math and science classes you are currently taking, with the grades through the last marking period.
  • Your scores from any Regents or Advanced Placement exams you have taken. These tests or courses are NOT prerequisites for ARISE.
  • Your grade (out of 100) through the last marking period in any Advanced Placement courses you are currently taking. These are NOT prerequisites for ARISE.
  • If you are invited for a final round interview, you must bring official copies of your high school transcript and any exam results you reported at that time.  We strongly recommend that you obtain these, both in paper copy and electronic formats, as soon as possible.

3 – Preferred Area of STEM Research

  • Read carefully all the descriptions on the Research Opportunities page, and note the Area of STEM Research (Engineering, Life Sciences or Computer and Data Sciences) indicated next to the labs that are most interesting to you. Additional labs may be added, prior to the lab tours.
  • Use the links provided with the lab descriptions to explore more about the faculty, their labs and research projects. You will find this helpful in writing your essay.
  • On the online Application Form you will be asked to rank your preferred Areas of STEM Research (with a ranking of 1 being your most preferred).

IMG_9763Note on process: If you are selected for the combined first round group interviews and lab tours (week of April 24th, 2017), you will likely tour labs associated with your most preferred Area of STEM Research, however, this is not guaranteed and depends on the number of applicants. After the lab tours, you will be required to rank your preferences of only the labs you have toured.  If you are invited to final round interviews with lab personnel (May 7, 2017) this will be used to determine your roster of interviews. If invited, you can expect to interview with about 4 labs.

After the final round of interviews, you will have another chance to re-rank labs based on your preferences for specific lab placements. Lab researchers will rank their preferences for interviewees, as well. Placement offers will be made based on the highest match between your preference for a lab and a lab’s preference for you. The Center reserves the right to adjust the final list of placement offers to account for overall applicant and lab personnel rankings and to meet other Program objectives. Placement and wait list offers will be released to you on or around May 12, 2017.

If you complete the second round interview process but are not initially offered a placement, you will be moved to our wait list. Typically, a few students from the wait-list receive lab placements. This will depend heavily on finding the best possible match between applicant and lab preferences.

4 – Two Recommendations

  • The application requires two online recommendations from adults who know you and who can comment on your abilities and strengths.  The recommenders can not be a member of your family or someone you live with. You will need the correct spelling of their full name and an email address that they check regularly in order for us to send them an online recommendation form.
  • One of the recommendations must be from someone with knowledge of your academic record, work ethic, and interest in STEM.  Select a teacher, assistant principal or principal.  
  • The second recommendation may also be from a teacher, assistant principal or principal.  However, you may select an adult who knows you through extracurricular, community service, religious or similar activities, who is familiar with other aspects of your character such as motivation, sense of personal achievement, ethics, or ability to make and fulfill commitments.
  • Recommenders will receive an email with a link to an online form and instructions to complete a short questionnaire and a one paragraph recommendation through the form. Their recommendations will complete your application. We strongly suggest you speak with potential recommenders early-on to insure that this part of your application moves smoothly. Let them know that you are applying to ARISE and ask if they would be able to write a recommendation. If they agree, ask them for the best email address for you to include in the application and let them know they will need to submit information through an online form, not by email or paper mail.

5 – Essay

Submit a 4 or 5 (maximum) paragraph essay about your interest in ARISE, STEM studies and yourself.  Do not copy and paste a resume or CV. Please do not email us additional documents such as resumes, CVs, or awards, which can not be added to or considered with your application material. Suggestions for things you want to address in the essay:

  • Describe why you want to be selected for the ARISE program.  Please connect this interest to your academic and/or personal passions and the goals and objectives you have for those areas of your life over the next several years.
  • Describe why you are qualified to be selected for the ARISE program.  Please include specific examples from your academic career where you achieved or acted with distinction, or persisted to learn difficult content or through difficult situations.
  • Describe a few things about yourself that show an ability to fulfill the commitments you make, work hard, and to use good judgment.  Please include specific examples from your academic and/or personal life that demonstrate or evidence these aspects of your character.
  • Describe the intellectual and personal growth you hope to attain through the ARISE experience.  Some examples might include a broader knowledge of a specific engineering field or a set of scientific concepts, better or new teamwork skills, or a deeper understanding of what it takes to prepare for and succeed in STEM higher education and careers.

Write and edit your essay in a word processing program so that you can ‘copy and paste’ it into the online application form. Do not submit your resume or CV.

Other important things: IMG_0797

  • Check the Frequently Asked Questions page if you still have questions after reading all of the above instructions.
  • The deadline for application material is March 1st, 2018 at 5 PM.
  • The deadline for online recommendations is March 8th, 2018 at 5 PM.
  • Questions regarding the application process that is not answered by the website, including the  Frequently Asked Questions?
    Contact us:
  • If you have submitted an application, please provide your Unique Id with any inquiry.
  • We strongly prefer to communicate directly with students and suggest that parents/guardians encourage students to contact us via email. Students who are most likely to succeed in a program such as ARISE are those who independently seek out an intensive research program.
  • Both you and your recommenders should add to your email address lists.
  • Parental or guardian consent to participate in the program will be required.
  • Please note that once the application deadline has passed, we will not answer individual application status inquiries via email or phone. Everyone will be notified of his or her status periodically throughout the process. After you apply, check your spam folder, since we email updates which may require a response from you by a certain deadline!
  • We cannot accept applications from students who reside outside of one of the five NYC boroughs. Students who will be living in NYC for the summer, only, or who attend school in NYC but live outside of NYC are not eligible. We will not make exceptions.
  • Ready? Go to the Application Form (2018 Application not yet available).