Research and innovation do not happen in a classroom. They happen in well-equipped laboratories. They happen in environments where free-range thinking is encouraged. They happen when tough questions are posed and strong, creative minds have the passion and discipline to find answers that may not come easily.

The NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering is a place where great ideas converge to push the frontier of a technology-enabled world. It’s a place where students and professors work closely among their peers, other research institutions and industry partners to advance their fields. Their research helps us better understand our world and contributes to developments that make our world better. Watch video profiles of our Research with Impact, those unique research projects that have grown into viable commercial ventures.

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Learn about the exciting research our faculty and students are working on in the videos below.

Professor Justin Cappos and Research Assistant Trishank Kuppusamy introduce us to The Update Framework, a system for securing software.

Professor Nikhil Gupta introduces us to the Lightweight Materials Initiative.

Undergraduate Student Steven Zeltmann walks us through his research process and shows us how lightweight materials are made.