After a successful launch in summer 2013, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering continues to conduct the Applied Research Innovations in Science and Engineering (ARISE) program.  This selective program is for academically strong, current 10th and 11th grade New York City students with a demonstrated interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

This full-time, seven week program includes: college level workshops and seminars, a high level research experience in participating NYU faculty labs, and mentoring in that placement by a graduate or postdoctoral student.  In the seminars and workshops, students will be introduced to  the scientific method and ethics, data collection and analysis, research practices and lab safety.


ARISE 2014 - Erica

With their mentors, ARISE participants will spend the latter five weeks of the program in these placements where they will make practical contributions to their lab’s research objectives, which span engineering, life sciences, and computer and data sciences.

Students will also receive training in presentation and public speaking skills, in collaboration with ARISE’s partners at Irondale Ensemble Project, and give their research findings at the program’s concluding colloquium to NYU faculty and graduate students, their peer ARISE participants, other academic experts, family members and friends.


Through a grant from the Pinkerton Foundation, ARISE is intended to provide an advanced STEM research opportunity to New York City students lacking access to high quality STEM education experiences. Students from demographic groups underrepresented in STEM disciplines and careers, including women, students of color and those from low – income backgrounds, are strongly encouraged to apply.

We are looking for:


  • New York City residents who are completing 10th or 11th grade in June 2016.
  • Academically prepared, highly motivated students.
  • Applicants with a passion for science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Students who will attend the entire program, full time (approximately a 9 to 5 day, Monday-Friday), from July 6, 2016 to August 19, 2016, and an orientation on July 05, 2016.
  • Responsible students who have demonstrated: an ability to make and fulfill commitments, timeliness and persistence.

Eligible applicants for this program must meet all these criteria.

We cannot accept applications from students who reside outside of one of the five NYC boroughs. Students who will be living in NYC for the summer, only, or who attend school in NYC but live outside of NYC are not eligible.

Before you apply, please:Olena and Raima

  • Consider the Research Opportunities and the fields of interest.
  • Carefully review the To Apply page.  It provides instructions on applying, tips, and describes the selection process.
  • Note that you must apply online, on the Application Form page.
  • Do not begin the Application Form until you have gathered all the information and written the required essay as described in To Apply.

Get started with Important Dates and Information:

    • Late November 2015: Application period opens for summer 2016
    • March 1, 2016 at 5 PM: Student Applications due. The form will close after 5PM March 1st.
    • March 7, 2016 at 5 PM: Recommender responses due.
    • On or around March 30: initial selection–notification to applicants regarding first round interviews and lab tours at the School of Engineering and College of Arts and Sciences.
    • Wednesday, April 20th and Thursday, April 21st: combined first round interviews and lab tours.  These are mandatory for applicants to receive further consideration.  Students will either attend both nights or the first night, only, depending on their research interests. This will take place in the evenings, and please note on schedules now.
    • On or around April 22, 2016: second round candidates notified
    • Sunday, May 1st: One afternoon of on-campus interviews with lab personnel and mentors.  These are mandatory for applicants to receive further consideration regardless of family vacation schedules.  Please note on schedules now.
    • On or around May 5, 2016: notification to selected applicants.  All other active applicants will be wait listed at that time. Please know that it is very likely several waitlisted candidates will ultimately be selected from this list.
    • On or around May 10, 2016: Students offered placements must accept or decline the offer.
    • July 5th – August 19th: ARISE runs full-time, 5 days per week. The final colloquium will be held on the last day.

Good to know:

            • Students completing the entire program will receive a $500 stipend
            • Approximately 36 placements are available for summer 2016
            • We cannot accept applications from students who reside outside of one of the five NYC boroughs. Students who will be living in NYC for the summer, only, or who attend school in NYC but live outside of NYC are not eligible.
            • Questions? Please read all instructions and program webpages.  For information not found on the website, please Email: k12stem@poly.edu
            • Follow us on social media and check out our #STEMNOW blog.